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5 Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account

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If you really Want to grow your Instagram account then this article is for you. As we all know social media is part of our life and it has made a big impact on our lives.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that give us lots of amazing features to connect with the world. Instagram was launched in 2010 and currently, it is owned by Facebook.

You can use Instagram to share your life moments with your friends and family by posting stories and sharing your photos. So, today we are going to tell you about how you can use Instagram in better ways to grow your personal or business account.

1. Hashtags is Important

You can add hashtags on your post caption and story to enhance the reach. But before using any hashtag you must consider that the hashtag should be related to your post.

You can use up to 30 hashtags in a post and 10 hashtags in a story. Don’t repeat the same hashtags and banned hashtags also. If you use the ban hashtags then the reach will decrease or some time you can face a problem of shadow banning by Instagram.

You can search the trending and your post related hashtags on the internet and use it to grow your instagram account.

2. Convert Your Account Into Business Account

You can use Instagram business or blogger accounts to see the statistics of your account. It will also show all data of your account like ogInstagram such as when your user will active, reach, the impression of your post and many more. Take the advantages of this feature and grow your Instagram account instantly.

Apart from this if your account is for business purposes then Instagram gives you a feature to run ads for particular posts and you can get more reach by setting the interest and geographical area.

3. Instagram Contest

Instagram contests are getting popular day by day and with the help of this, you can grow your Instagram account instantly. You can host contests on your page and tell participants to share with their friends on Snapchat, Instagram, Jtwhatsapp Apk, Telegram, Line, Wechat, Facebook, and man other social media platforms.

You can explain the rules of the contest and also pre-decide the prize or award of the contest. When the contest ends then announce the winner by coming on live.

Before arranging the contest you should research for the trend also because there will be more chances if you organise the contest according to the trend.

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4. Interact with Audience

I have seen many people just log in, post and logout. Please don’t do this you should give some time for better engagement. Interact with your audience with the help of chatting, replying on the comment section, come on live or posting the IGTV videos. You can also ask some questions and your audience opinion with the help of a story.

5. IGTV Video

IGTV video is one of the best mediums to share your opinion or talent. As we all know, video trends are increasing day by day. Then the video is the best way to interact with your audience. You can make videos for IGTV with the help of Kinemaster diamond and also edit in a creative way by using the graphics and text to show the engagement of your audience.

Final Verdict

If you really want to grow your Instagram account then follow all the tips from today and get your account to grow. Apart from this, I would like to say that Instagram has more potential to make money and fame, so work on the platform seriously if you are a business owner.

5 Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account
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