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4 Common Causes of Engine Overheating and their Prevention

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Car overheating is one of the major risks that you can experience while riding. There are numerous factors because of which this happens to your car. Whether your car is standing out in sun or not, if you are experiencing engine overheating more than often, then it is a sign that your car’s engine is facing some or the other problem and surely you need to take it to the service station.

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Hot temperatures is not the only cause behind the overheating of your car, there are various other factors that can affect the engine of your car. You must also check on the car’s cooling systems whether they are working properly or not. As, if delayed they can cause you to fall prey to major accidents and can also damage your engines fully.

Here we have mentioned below some of the causes for overheating of the engine that you might be facing, have a quick look at these points:

Radiator Issues

Any sort of leakage or blockage can lead to radiator malfunctioning which further causes the damaging the engine. The radiator is in-charge for cooling down the engine coolant thus, we can say that appropriate execution of the radiator is very important to cool the engine down.

Problems in the Water Pump

The water pump is said to be the key component of the car’s cooling system as it manages the flow of coolant. The issues related to the water pump can cause damage to the engine and hence the engine tends to overheat. The problems with the water pump might vary as it can stop working, can leak, or can erode impeller vanes. In case you find that your engine is being overheated, you must ensure to keep an eye on the water pump.

Other Coolant Issues

Other than the problems situated with the thermostat many other coolant issues can damage the engine. The path of the coolant can be blocked due to the rust or there is no sufficient coolant which can pass. This is the reason why most of the time there is a drop in the level of coolants due to this leak. Moreover, if the coolant is not diluted to a proper concentration level, then it can also cause overheating.

Problems Associated with Thermostats

The common causes of engine overheating is also due to the damage of thermostat. They act as the watchdogs for the cooling systems, as they constantly check the temperature and the flow of the coolants. A damaged or broken thermostat can restrict the coolant to pass through and thus, the engine warms up which in result produces heat.

Parking your Car in Cooler Temperature

You know how it feels to park your car under the sun and under a shade. There is a huge difference, parking your car under the shade which will keep your car cool as well as it will increase the lifespan of the car. Whereas, parking under direct sunlight can affect the cooling systems of your car in the long run.

When Parking in the Sun, don’t Forget to use Window Shades

It is always beneficial to put the window shades when you are parking your car in the sun. This is helpful as it will prevent the sun rays to fall direct inside your car and will also protect them from getting damaged.

Regularly Check for Radiator and Coolant

it is always advised to keep a regular eye on the radiator and the coolant so that you can eliminate the risking of falling prey to engine overheating. By keeping a check on a regular basis, you can also ensure that your car has enough coolant and water to avoid engine damage.

Car radiator

Keep a Check on the Temperature Gauge

It is always advised to keep a check on the temperature gauge to prevent any damage that can be caused while you are driving on the road. The temperature gauge helps in informing if the engine is getting hot or not. Even if it is raising you must not panic, you should try to find the nearest station and ask for professional help.


In the end, we would like to conclude that, it is very important to keep a regular check on the car and its components. If you notice any fault or damage in your car’s system, it is always a better move to count on the professionals.

4 Common Causes of Engine Overheating and their Prevention
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