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Apply for PlatinumOffer.com | Pre Approved by First Premier Bank

Platinum Offer Card

First Premier bank offers its Platinum MasterCard that claims to save its consumers from a lot of problems. As we all know, bank statement and credit history are very important for receiving and applying for a credit card. First premier bank came up with this card for the people who have not so perfect credit range.

With all its offers this credit card will also help you to increase your line as well. You don’t need a great credit score to be a cardholder. Just read the terms and apply for one.

This will prove to be a decent card to increase your credit score or if you’re not getting approved for the traditional credit cards. The fee is a little high but it can work if your credit range is really bad.

Types of First Premier Bank Credit Cards

First Premier bank only offers six types of platinum credit card for now. You can apply for any keeping in mind your needs. They’ll ask you to choose your card when you apply for the card.

  • First PREMIER Bank MasterCard Credit Card
  • First PREMIER Bank Gold Credit Card
  • First PREMIER Bank Classic Credit Card
  • First PREMIER Bank Credit Card
  • PREMIER Forward MasterCard Credit Card
  • First PREMIER Bank Secured Credit Card

Perks and Rewards

1.A great credit card for those who want to increase their score with no credit card fee.
2.First Premier Bank is a proud member of FDIC.
3.A very high monthly payment intended to fit your budget
4.Customized account management options to fit your needs
5.24 hour reach to account from mobile.
6.Late fee charges are high
7.Monitoring and payments are online.

Eligibility Criteria at www.mypremiercreditcard.com

You should follow the eligibility procedure at First Premier Bank to apply for their Platinum Credit Cards. Keep in mind the following points before applying:

  • You need a confirmation number to have high chances of improvement.
  • Applicant must be 18 years of age or more.
  • You should have a US National ID card.
  • The account details and number should be valid.
  • Applicant shouldn’t be involved in any illegal activity.

Apply For Platinum Credit Card

You can apply for First Premier Bank Platinum credit card online or by phone. You can also mail you’re applications to their mailing address mentioned on their customer care. We have explained these methods in detail.

Online registration

For applying for the credit card:
1.Open the following link www.platinumoffer.com
2.Click on apply now.
3.Select if you already have a confirmation code or not through mail.
4.Choose your card design.
5.Fill in your full name, address and number.
6.Type your city name, state and zip code.
7.They’ll also ask you about your residence, SSN, email and date of birth.
8.After filling the form, click on continue.
9.Next make your username and password.
10.Apply and you’ll receive a notification in some seconds.

First Premier Bank Credit Card Phone Number

First Premier bank also offers you to apply for their credit cards through phone. Just call them at 1-605-357-3566. They’ll ask you about your basic information to fill the form. After application has done, you’ll receive a message if you are approved or not.

Activation at platinumoffer.com

You would have to activate your card after you receive it. There are two methods for this purpose. I have explained all of them below:

Online Activation

1.Visit www.platinumoffer.com
2.Click on the sign in option in the corner.
3.You’ll be taken to www.mypremiercreditcard.com
4.Add in your username and password you created.
5.Your account will be opened.
6.Click on activate card.
7.You can now use your credit card for paying bills.

Activation through Phone Number

You can also ask them to activate your account or card on phone. Call at 1-605-357-3438. You’ll be lead to the customer representative of the customer support. Ask them to activate your account. They’ll ask you about your username and password and you’ll be in.

Platinum Credit Card Payment Methods

pay bill

First Premier bank has an auto pay monthly system which automatically takes out payments from your account as the month ends. You can also pay online or pay by mail. All of these are explained below:

Online Payments

1.Enroll into the auto pay monthly program at mypremiercreditcard.com.
2.Fill the form given.
3.Click the submit button.
4.You can also mail or fax the form at 1-605-357-3446
5.Next, you’ll receive a monthly statement and a letter.
6.Your auto pay will get started afterwards.

My Premier Credit Card Payment Number

You can also pay by contacting them to their number by your credit card number and pin code or by cash. Simply call at 1-605-357-3440 and provide all the informational they’ll ask. You’ll receive a submission notification afterwards.

Pay My Bill through Mail

Paying the monthly fee by mail is very simple. Make sure to add in correct details of your account along with your check or cash. Address for mailing payments is as follows:

First PREMIER Bank
PO Box 5529
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5529

MyPremierCreditCard.com Customer Support

All the queries regarding platinum first premier credit card can be directed to the official customer care of first premier bank. They have a 24 hour active automated system at their website. Their customer representatives are available from Monday to Friday: 7:00AM to 9:00PM CT and on Saturday: 8:00AM – 4:30PM CT.

You can also call them at these numbers 1-800-987-552, 1-605-357-3440 or fax them at 1-605-357-3438. If you want to write to them for any problem or question.

Apply for PlatinumOffer.com | Pre Approved by First Premier Bank

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