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The Global Tradition of Giving Gifts to the Newborns

Gifts to Newborn Baby Around the World

A newborn baby comes with lots of happiness and good luck. A baby is not only special for the parents. He or she is very special to the whole family. Not only in India but also in every country, it is a tradition to gift something special. Yes, a newborn baby receives lots of gifts from relatives and friends. But there is some traditional gift that the baby receives first. Usually, these traditional gifts babies receive from grandparents. Baby receives these gifts from both grandparents, maternal and paternal. So today, I will tell what are the traditional gifts that a newborn baby receives. So let’s start the world tour.


As you know, India is a country full of traditions. So our tour starts with India. In India, when a baby girl is born, she receives a silver bracelet anklet, etc. Because in India, they believe that the baby girl is the face of Goddess Laxmi. A baby boy receives a silver bracelet, a silver bowl, etc. And one tradition which is very important in India is Kajal. They never forget to decorate the baby with it. They believe it will protect the baby from bad vibes, and evil eyes.

United States of America

I know you won’t believe that Americans follow tradition. I mean, they believe in such things but yes they do. Americans gift fresh flowers, toys, clothes, and other essential things. So if you want to gift something to your American friend baby. You can send flowers to Pune & India through Bloomsville. They gift a special kind of tree too, which they call the “ Pachira plant”. It is widely known as the Money Tree. They believe it will bring lots of good luck for the baby, and for their lives.


Brazil is also rich in tradition and culture. The first gift a newborn baby receives in Brazil is red shoes. The specialty of these red shoes is knitted shoes. They believe red-knitted shoes will protect the baby from evil eyes. It will bring good luck and good fortune to the baby. In fact, some people first wear these shoes to the baby, and then bring the baby home from the hospital.

United Kingdom

English baby gift tradition is similar to the American baby gift tradition. In the UK, they also gift newborn baby jewelry, photo frames, etc. They gift keepsake boxes and rattles too.


In Russia, the newborn baby gifting tradition is quite similar to India. They gift silver spoons to the baby. They believe it will bring lots of fortune or good luck to the baby. You can order online silver spoons.

a baby girl sitting in the basket


In China, newborn baby gifting is quite easy, and simple. In China, the gift money is in a red envelope. The envelope should be in-plane red color. Some people gift money in a red envelope, in which “fortune” or “luck” is written. They believe it will bring prosperity, happiness, and joy to the baby’s life.


Just like the beauty of the county, their gift is also so beautiful. You won’t believe, what’s their tradition to gift. In Australia, people gift a Dreamtime storybook to a newborn baby. The story of this book is so beautiful. In this book, you will get a story related to culture, values, the relationship between humans and nature, etc. This is such a thoughtful and beautiful traditional gift.


When we think about Egypt, a big desert comes into our minds. But their tradition of gifting the newborn baby is totally different. In Egypt, they gift a palm with blue eyes. And you know what, it always lives close to the baby or baby clothes. They believe it will protect the baby from evil eyes.

One thing is common in all the country’s gifts. They just want to protect the baby from evil eyes. And they want lots of good, wealth, good health, and happiness to come into the baby’s life. So when you buy a gift for the baby, don’t forget to buy a flower delivery in Mumbai for the baby’s parents. Because baby’s Mumma and Papa also deserve gifts. And this is the best way to congratulate them on their baby’s birth. Just remember one thing, maybe the tradition and way of gifting are different. But belief and love are the same.

The Global Tradition of Giving Gifts to the Newborns

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