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10 Famous Amusement Parks in the World

Paris view in the evening

Not only for young children, but these attractive amusement parks will also bring stress-relieving moments for everyone. Therefore, the Top 10 world-famous amusement parks contribute a lot to attract tourists to the cities that own them.

1. Disneyland Resort Park – California, USA

It is located in Anaheim, California, USA, Disneyland Resort. That is a resort complex including the famous Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and many other hotels and entertainment areas. So far, the famous “fairyland” Disneyland has always been the place to attract every kid around the world.

2. DreamWorld – Golden Coast, Australia

DreamWorld – Golden Coast, Australia. DreamWorld is the largest themed park in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia, where there is a 27-speed horror train system, including The Tower of Terror. The most damaging ship here. After the creepy and speedy experience, visitors have the opportunity to land to enjoy other entertainment at the water park and bustling sales areas.

Inspire of the Coronavirus epidemic right now, just plan a trip for other days in the future. Let us take you to visit each place.

3. Everland – South Korea

Everland – South Korea. Considered the largest park in Korea and one of the most visited destinations in the world, Everland Park is located in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province. The enchanting fairy domain of both children and adults. Along with the zoo and water park system, Everland is considered a famous Disneyland throughout Asia.

4. Six Flags Park – USA, Canada, Mexico

Six Flags – USA, Canada, Mexico. Flags is a chain of amusement parks in the US, with amusement parks including theme-built parks, creepy parks, and sprawling water parks. over 3 North American countries including the USA, Montreal – Canada, and Mexico. Six Flags is famous as the headquarters of the monumental roller coaster system in the United States.

5. Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris, a unique theme park of Disneyland Resort Paris in Europe, Disneyland Paris opened in April 1992. It includes a playground for children and a playground Walt Disney Discovery studio.

beautiful castle at disneyland paris

6. Nagashima Spa Land – Japan

Nagashima Spa Land – Japan. The Nagashima Spa Land is a recreational paradise of sunrise people in Kuwana city, north of Mie Prefecture district on Honshu island, where there is a system of creepy roller coasters with a water park and the famous Japanese 90m Ferris Wheel. Coming here, visitors have the right to choose for themselves many indoor and outdoor entertainment.

7. PortAventura – Spain

PortAventura – Spain is the largest theme park in the south of Europe, where every year attracts 3 million visitors. PortAventura Park in Salou province. Spain is home to King Steel Dragon Dragon Khan – the first roller coaster system in the world has 8 laps.

8. Alton Towers – Staffordshire, England

Alton Towers – Staffordshire, UK. First, Alton Towers Resort including theme parks, hotels, spas, and a water park is always the ideal destination for weekends, public holidays family in Staffordshire county in West Midlands. Therefore, Alton Towers is equally famous for its super creepy underground roller coaster system in Europe.

9. Thorpe Park – Surrey County, England

Thorpe Park – Surrey County, UK. If you are a gamer addicted to the scary, thrilling, horror food, the Thorpe Park in Surrey County, England is a special zone to satisfy that passion. Here, you will be riding on the 10 round roller coaster Colossus and the highest speed Stealth roller coaster in Europe. And yet, the newly launched roller coaster system The Swarn promises promising stunts waiting for you to discover.

10. Universal Studios Florida Park- USA

Universal Studios Florida – USA. In June 1990, the state’s Universal Studios Florida was famous for the entertainment industry in Orlando, Florida. So, the large campus consists of 6 buildings, an entertainment area surrounded by a clear blue water lagoon in the middle. Universal Studios is definitely a movie studio where audiences are “turned into three” into Hollywood stars in magnificent scenes.

Despite the serious pandemic happening right now that you should keep your health-related issues at the top of your agenda, you can pre-prepare a trip to travel someday.

10 Famous Amusement Parks in the World

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