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How do you Dress a Child in the Hot Summer?

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Deciding on how to dress your child for the summer can be confusing for new mothers. This is because identifying the right balance on what layer to add or remove on the baby can affect their health. Add an extra layer, and the baby may make him hot or remove a layer, and he may shiver. So, to help solve this dilemma, here are tips on how to dress a baby in the summer.

Simple Steps to dress your child in the hot summer;

Dress Your Child the same way you are Dressed

If you are not sure how to dress a toddler, then you should clothe them in similar clothes as yours. Say, if you are wearing a T-shirt or a dress, then you should dress your baby in a T-shirt or baby girl dress. Doing so allows you to adjust the baby’s clothing with the respective changes in the weather.

Drop the Socks when Outside

The best way to keep cool in the summer is by reducing the clothes you have on. That said, you should skip socks when you are outdoors. Socks are only necessary if your child can walk or if it is cold outside.

Choose Lighter Girls Dresses

Summer is characterized by high temperatures and long duration of sunlight. So, to counter this, ensure you buy girls dresses made from breathable fabrics made of natural fibers. Be sure to choose larger clothes so that air can move through their clothes.

Buy Light Coloured Clothes more than Dark Coloured Clothes

Dark coloured clothes are hotter compared to light coloured clothes. This is because dark coloured clothes absorb heat, unlike light coloured clothes that reflect away heat. An excellent example of this would be to buy more white clothes and less black clothes.

Get Your Child a Sun Hat and a Pair of Shades

A hat with at least three inches of brim; this should cover their eyes and faces from the sun. If they are old enough for shades, you can add a pair of UV shades for their eyes.

Factors to Consider when Dressing Your Child for the Summer

Buy more Clothes Made of Cotton

Summer is a season of high temperatures and extreme heat. These two combined can cause your child to develop fungal infections and allergies during the summer. So, to avoid such scenarios getting to your child, moms should purchase light cotton wear for their young ones. Cotton based clothes can absorb body moisture and help in evaporation of sweat. As such, this brings about a cooling effect on the body, thus lowering body temperature. Additionally, cotton can also draw heat away from the skin, thus keeping your child fresh and comfortable during the summer.

Add a Layer to Protect them from Sunburns

Applying sunscreen to toddlers can be a challenging task for many parents. Regardless, you should not spend time outside with a toddler without using sunscreen on their faces. Research shows that sunburns at childhood can lead to skin cancer later when they are all grown. Sunscreens act as physical barriers that block UV rays on your toddler.

Physical barrier sunscreens use oxides that block harmful rays from getting to your child. As a result, this makes them a suitable option compared to chemical sunscreens. Be sure to apply at least a nickel-sized amount on their faces frequently. You can engage them in a song to keep them distracted and make the whole process easier.

Aside from sunscreens, it would help if you considered purchasing clothes with sunlight protection garments. Such garments are usually labelled UPF. UPF clothes filter the sun rays, thus allowing only a certain amount of sun rays to pass through them. For example, a shirt labeled as UPF 15 will only 1/15th of sun rays pass through it. Choose clothes with a higher UPF value to reduce the rays landing on your child.

The Bottom Line

The beginning of summer presents conundrum dilemmas and questions for first-time mothers. How do I dress my child in the hot summer? In addition to this, the increase in temperature levels during the summer causes the body to overheat. As such, this increase in body temperature leads to dehydration, and can even worsen existing illnesses. Fortunately, using the above stylish outfits, you and your child can easily beat the heat and cruise the summer with ease.

How do you Dress a Child in the Hot Summer?

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