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Tips for Matching Your Watch with Your Outfit

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Men often wear watches not as an article of jewelry, but to depict their personality and to give a clue about their accomplishments. Luxury watches are decent, very sophisticated and come in very trendy and versatile designs.

A good timepiece matches your attire and can depict your taste in dressing. The watch you choose to wear with your dress can significantly increase or devastate your entire outfit. Want a nice timepiece? Go buy from the best online watch store. It is advisable to have more than one watch, so as to match your outfit for every occasion.

Match your Attire with your Watch

If you have a lot of watches, choose your dress first and then make the watch selection to get a perfect blend. Otherwise, choose the dress according to your watch. You have to be careful; an inappropriate combination can break your outfit. For example, a digital watch does not go well with a tuxedo and it deteriorates the luxury of a tuxedo too. However, it is best to buy Casio g shock online to suit your outfit.

Occasion Matters

For a formal occasion, a nice analog watch will look great with a formal outfit. But for a casual occasion, wearing an analog watch could seem odd. Whereas, a cool sports watch at that occasion would be nicer. Never go for smart watch in a casual occasion

Watch Color and Material

Luxury watches come in various colors, designs and materials. There are also options in choosing different shapes. While round is more preferred, square and rectangular look just as fine. The point is: your watch should compliment your attire. Black or metallic watches look great with any formal outfit. If you wear leather belts and shoes, you should wear the watch with same colored leather strap. Preferably, buy a watch with changeable straps to match with every attire you own.

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Mind the Watch Size

The size of watch should be according to the size of your wrist. Watches for men are typically from 6 to 7 inches. Above that it is too large, while below that would be too tight to wear. When you are wearing a sport or a diving watch, be sure it is fit to your wrist. On the other hand, with nice suits such as tuxedo, it is better to wear a slightly loose watch.

The dial size also matters. Consider you are delivering a presentation; a bigger skeleton watch would be great to show off here. In normal circumstances, go for a sleek and decent watch so that it is not a burden to your wrist.

Bottom Line

The watch you wear tells a lot about you. It may show your aspirations, your passion as well as your personality and taste. Choosing the right watch to buy is one thing while wearing that watch with a matching outfit is an entirely separate topic. The watch you wear should be according to the dress you are wearing and also the occasion where you wear that watch.

Tips for Matching Your Watch with Your Outfit

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