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The Most Popular Movie Watches – The Real Stars of the Silver Screen

Movies have their unique way of generating an everlasting impression on individuals as well as on society as a whole. They ingrain music, themes, visuals, style, and fashion in our conscious minds. We not only love them but also often tend to take inspiration from them to get into something that we appreciate.

Nevertheless, part of the lure in classic movies, especially for watch enthusiasts is getting a glimpse of some of the most iconic watches ever produced. However, the watches featured in the films are not only there to boost their brand or look. They contribute a lot in putting depth to the story and personality of its characters.

These watches achieved the “Movie Icon” status. It seemed that the right man strapped the right timepiece on the wrist. So let’s delve into some of the most iconic luxury watches that have dignified the wrists of many biggest actors of Hollywood. And today these timepieces featured on the silver screen have also become luminaries of their own.

Rolex Submariner Reference 6538 – Dr. No

The first in this list of iconic movie watches is one of the most popular and coveted Rolex Submariner 6538. What boosted its desirability and made it a movie icon is its alliance with the most significant fictional character James Bond.

Sean Connery wrapped a Rolex Submariner Reference 6538 while playing as James Bond in the 1962 movie Dr. No. The watch continued to accompany Connery as James Bond on his secret missions in movies like Thunderball, Goldfinger and From Russia with Love.

However, the interesting fact is that Sean Connery wore the watch with different straps each time.

Omega Speedmaster Professional – Apollo 13

The very same Speedmaster Professional model accompanied the astronauts of the actual Apollo 13 space mission. So featuring an Omega Speedmaster in the Apollo 13 movie was the obvious choice. Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell wore an Omega Speedmaster in this movie, released in 1995.

The Omega Speedmaster is historically a very significant watch not only in the horology industry but also in space missions. It was the first-ever timepiece that an astronaut of Apollo 13 mission donned during his lunar walking.

human hand holding Rolex Daytona watch

Also, the Omega Speedmaster was a part of the Gemini 4 space mission conducted by NASA. So the only mechanical watch that NASA certified for space travel was the Omega Speedmaster. It’s no wonder that the Speedmaster is one of the most popular and sought-after models all over the world.

Tag Heuer Monaco – Le Mans

A popular name not only in the film industry but also in the world of horology – Steve Mc Queen was a big watch aficionado. He usually donned the Rolex Explorer II Reference 1655 which is today popularly known as the McQueen Explorer II.

However, you might not know that this American actor chose the Heuer Monaco to play his iconic role in the racing movie Le Mans. The watch featured a square-shaped silhouette, blue cobalt face with red hands and squared sub-dials. What completes the look of the watch is its black strap.

Besides wearing today’s instantly recognisable square-shaped Tag Heuer Monaco on the wrist, Steve McQueen wore a racing suit that had this Swiss brand’s name and insignia printed on it.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M – Skyfall

Although Bond initially appeared on screen strapping a Rolex on the wrist, the honor currently goes to another leading brand and of course, a chief competitor of Rolex, Omega.

In the 2012 film Skyfall, the actor Daniel Crag as James Bond wore an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M. However, you would be interested to know that Craig has been putting on the Seamaster series since the 1995 movie GoldenEye.

Seiko Reference H558 – Predator

Arnold Schwarzenegger wore the Seiko H558 diver watch in the first Predator movie. So the timepiece is also popularly referred to as the “Arnie” to date, especially in horology circles. Besides its appearance in the 1980s action film, the watch is historically significant because it was the first diver watch that sported a digital alarm chronograph along with an analog display.

The Seiko Reference H558 is rare to find and thus, pretty high in demand.

The Most Popular Movie Watches – The Real Stars of the Silver Screen
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