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Valuable Tips to Avoid Urologic Diseases

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Urological health is vital to every human. People are still afraid to go to the urologist and have a check-up. For females, an unhealthy urinary tract can lead to many deadly diseases. Likewise in men, not only the urinary tract but reproductive organs can also be affected. Hence, it’s a necessity to take care of your urologic system to avoid mishaps.

A few months back, I worked in Lifeline Hospital, Karachi. I attended to many patients suffering from urologic diseases. They vary from bladder cancer to kidney stones. Through this experience, I came to know that we should take some extra care of our urinary organs because an imbalance in their functions causes severe problems.

How to Avoid Urologic Diseases?

I have noted down all of these valuable tips and tricks to improve urologic health with the assistance of urologists in Karachi. There can be many natural ways of using fruits and vegetables to avoid such diseases. Some of the most helpful tips are detailed below.

Plenty of Water

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Generally, 2.5 liters of water is recommended to drink in a day. Keep an eye on the urine color. It shouldn’t be dark yellow or orange. Your water intake is good if urine is pale yellow or almost colorless.

Fruitful Juices

Adding up to your fluid intake, fresh juices are much beneficial. Not only fruits but vegetable juices have some fruitful effects. Whether it’s cranberry juice or basil juice, they’ll boost up your urologic health.

Furthermore, pomegranate juice is really helpful for the kidneys, and citrus fruits as vitamin-D for overall urologic health. Fresh juice of strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and apples prove really helpful to improve urologic health.

Salt Consumption

The stones formed in the kidney are mainly due to the excessive intake of salty products. Stones are made up of calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, and uric acid. Thus, to avoid kidney stones (a urologic disease), you have to lessen the quantity of salt in your meal. Salts like potassium, phosphorus, and sodium are harmful to your urinary system and create worse symptoms.

Avoid Junk and Drinks

Besides urologic health, consuming junk isn’t good for our overall health. Avoid going outside every second day to eat junk and fizzy drinks. They can cause constipation and that’s a bad condition for the urinary system.

Furthermore, such junk meals exceed spices in them and it’s unhealthy. They can lead to many chronic cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, stroke, and brain hemorrhage. It increases the risk of getting fat.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Exercising regularly is always beneficial for your health. Keep yourself motivated and workout daily even for 30 minutes. Obesity e increases the best of many other dangerous diseases. So, despite physical exercise, you can control your portions and diet-plan to decrease the risk of obesity.

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Consume more vegetables like tomatoes, soya beans, squash, and grapes which are rich in antioxidants. Consider avoiding fatty meals and unhealthy oils.

Avoid Caffeine

Get rid of consuming too much coffee or tea a day. Start reducing the number of cups daily. Caffeine has bad effects on your urinary system. It is a natural diuretic. Hence, the products containing caffeine cause the production of excessive and frequent urine. Besides tea and coffee, other products like sodas and chocolate do have caffeine in them.

Steer Away Tobacco

It is a myth that tobacco causes lung cancer or mouth cancer. In fact, tobacco products have severe effects on every health system. Smokers become more prone to every deadly disease. They cause bad effects on the bladder and cause frequent urination. Chronic coughing is also more common in smokers and it can lead to muscle weakness in the bladder.

Protect Genital Area

Genital areas are a part of the urologic system. Poor genital health and hygiene can cause many vaginal and bladder issues. Tell young girls how they should take care of their genital area and clean it.

The Bottom Line

The urologic system needs to be healthy to keep yourself active. This system is responsible for many vital functions like urination and reproduction. Diseases of the kidney, reproductive system, and bladder are menacing to your health. There’s no need to panic. Follow these tips and stick to them!

Valuable Tips to Avoid Urologic Diseases

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