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Can Cats Smell and Recognize Your Scent?

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It cannot be denied that cats have a sharp sense of smell as compared to dogs. That definitely means that they can smell everything that you can’t. The cat’s sense of smell is far more refined than humans. They possess approximately 80 million scent receptors in their nose. Every human also has a recognizable scent to a cat. Through this scent, it can easily recognize people and things.

Humans depend on artificial means to identify each other’s scent, such as fragrances or shampoo. A cat’s nose cuts, however, can easily pick up the odour of our body. Let me say that cats acquire knowledge about their surrounding environment through smell.

Cats possess two independent noses, including one that helps them to smell chemical signals is referred to as pheromones, present in their saliva, faeces and urine and allow them to interact with other cats. These chemicals, which cats accumulate on their bedclothes, scratching posts, particular zone, and humans, can make them feel safe and comfortable in their environment.

Pheromones actually function in generating a response in animals of that particular species. Felines come up with scent glands on their cheeks, feet and abdomen and when they rub against something—a door, a table, you—they put their own specific scent on that thing.

A Source of Identification

The other senses of cats are much weaker than other mammals, but her sense of smell is very strong. Cats learn to differentiate among different human and objects concerning their scents. Cats do know the smell of their owner with whom she uses to spent time.

These little felines have more than 200 million odour-sensitive muscles within their noses. They smell their food before eating it and decide, whether should she eat it or not? So a cat also knows the scent of its owner and other objects and recognize it whenever she comes closer to her owner, she trusts the person most which has most familiar scent according to her.

Cats can Sense your Fear

It is a known fact that when we feel scared, we sweat. It’s typical and spontaneous behaviour that occurs when we are frightened. Do you know our sweat also comprises numerous pheromones and scents which results only when we are depressed? Well, if you are frightened and trying to communicate with your cat, it will not only smell your anxiety but react to the variation in your behaviour and heart rate.

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It’s unpredictable that how well our cats can identify and smell our various pheromones; but, their extraordinary sense of smell may demonstrate they have some capability. This means that if your cat is capable of recognizing some type of change in your usual smell, it shows that you are frightened.

Cats can Smell your Anxiety

It’s necessary to get knowledge of the impact of our behaviour upon our cats in both positive and negative ways. According to recent research, cats also observe when we’re anxious. Cats can be very delicate animals and may often become concerned or disappointed by things going on around them, or by the way people communicate with them.

Whilst some cats may generally appear very free and easy and apparently anti-social, other cats can be much more innocent and find many things around them exhausting. So as a whole we can say that cats do know the scent of their owners and can recognize their smell.

Can Cats Smell and Recognize Your Scent?

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