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3 Things to Add Page Numbers in PDF Using PDFBear


It is challenging to manage large files in portable document format without page numbers. When you are reading a report, a journal, or an ebook, you often forget where you left off because there is no page number to remind you. It causes confusion and inconvenience on your part, preventing you from getting things done as quickly and organised as possible. This is where the importance of PDFBear comes in as it offers a tool capable of adding pages number in just a few minutes no matter how large the file size is. If you utilize it, you will never experience navigation issues ever again. Additionally, you can easily look for specific sections of the document that are necessary for your report.

How does PDFBear Work?

PDFBear is an online-based platform with a lot of functional tools designed to allow you to manipulate digital documents as much as you want. It does not require the installation of any application or software to add page to PDF because it operates using the Cloud system. It means that you will no longer have to spend hours for installation purposes. Furthermore, it will not deteriorate the performance of your device since it will not occupy any space of your local storage.

The website is compatible with all kinds of devices so even if you only have a smartphone, you can still access it to add page numbers on your digital documents. Besides that, it works perfectly on all major operating systems like Linux, Android, and iOs and browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari.

How to Add Page Numbers to your Files using PDFBear?

Aside from allowing you to locate files easier, the addition of page numbers to PDF will also make its content look more professional. The process of adding page numbers is faster with the help of PDFBear. You only have to follow the four easy steps listed below when using its number pages tool.

Step 1

Determine the file name of the PDF you wish to add page numbers to. In this way, when uploading it to the toolbox, you can easily select it from a list of documents from your local storage. If you prefer a more convenient process of uploading it, you may use the drag and drop option. First, you have to open the folder where the file is, click and drop it into the toolbox. Uploading it usually takes less than a few minutes especially if you have a fast internet connection.

Step 2

After uploading it, the tool will ask you where you want to position the page numbers. You have the freedom to choose whether you want it on top of the bottom part of the page. The decision-making process does not stop there since you also have to choose if you prefer to add the numbers at the center, left side, or right side of the document. It all boils down to your preference and specific instruction of your boss or professor.

Step 3

Adobe Acrobat

After you select the position of the page numbers on your files, immediately click the number pages button. The tool will start modifying it and once it completes the process, the PDF file with page numbers will appear on your screen. Download the modified document on your device within an hour to avoid repeating the whole process of adding page numbers. You can also send it using any of your social media accounts by copying the shareable link.

Avail the Pro Membership Offered by PDFBear

If you avail of the pro membership offered by PDFBear, you can enjoy using all its tools including the one that can add page numbers without any limitations. You are free to use it multiple times a day at a very affordable monthly fee. Aside from that, you will also have access to unlimited file storage and unlimited uploading of files. It has a higher upload speed percentage than the free account. If you encounter any technical issues when using the website, except that the customer support representative will prioritize your concern and will do everything in his power to solve it. Enjoy all of its services without advertisements popping up on your screen for as low as $5.99 monthly.

In Conclusion

PDFBear is extremely necessary now more than ever because of the implementation of the work-from-home setup and online learning. You now need to do everything digitally from creating reports to submitting them. There is no reason not to use the website since it is highly accessible no matter what kind of device you have and the operating system and browser you utilize. It is a reliable tool to use as it can add page numbers quickly without compromising the quality, readability, and safety of your digital files.

3 Things to Add Page Numbers in PDF Using PDFBear

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