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Top 6 Best Locations for Northern Lights in Finland


The northern lights of Finland can be best seen from a variety of spots, such as Rovaniemi, which is famous for its stunning views of the Northern Lights across. The Northern Forests and Utsjoki, allow you to see the pictures even after fewer activities. While Kemi permits an excursion to get to Nellim, Nellim provides stunning views of northern skies when you ride your sled.

Witnessing the Northern Lights is an unforgettable experience that many have been waiting for years or even a lifetime to experience because the conditions have to be perfect to allow this incredible display to happen. But here’s the excellent news: the time is now to catch an enthralling view of Aurora borealis. Because of the extended durations of darkness as well as clear skies at night from December to March, it’s generally the ideal time to see this mysterious natural phenomenon (though there are times when you can be able to see northern lights from as early as August). Plus, here’s positive news: The tourism industry is eager to assist you in spotting the lights of the north using new hotels, custom-designed tours, even one specifically designed for women, and other exclusive experiences. Here are some best to see Northern Lights in Finland.


Ivalo is accessible via the road and by air. Ivalo is a small town that caters to visitors who fly from Helsinki to visit Kakslauttanen. However, I’d recommend that you save your money and remain in Ivalo. With a temperature of 68.66 degrees north, Ivalo is 2 degrees north of Rovaniemi. The chances of getting Ivalo’s Northern Lights are excellent in Ivalo.

We were able to see The Northern Lights right outside our guesthouse Husky, our hotel! It was truly spectacular. We didn’t have to go to the wilds or sign up for tours. We walked out of the restaurant after dinner and were in awe.


Utsjoki is one of the towns located in the northernmost part of Finland, located close to the Norwegian border. The entire area is home to approximately 1,200 residents, meaning that it is not a developed area, and the sky over it is amazingly dark. Being able to see the northern lights from Utsjoki and surrounding areas is quite common during the winter months if there are times when it’s not possible to drive to Norway to see the northern lights better!

Butterfield & Robinson

Luxury adventure outfitter Butterfield & Robinson has expanded its winter offerings with a new collection of cold-weather expeditions northern lights included. In the “Alaska Northern Lights Private”, you’ll ride a snowmobile, slide the dog sledge, and unwind in a hot spring that is private to you and all under the dancing northern sky. In the “Finland Winter Multi-Active”, you can expect an unforgettable winter trip in the lights of the north, slashing through the pine forest with huskies, going on a nighttime snowmobile trip, and riding with reindeer.

green mountains with cloudy scenery

“The “Iceland Winter Multi-Active private” is an adventure of five days under the northern lights that begins in Reykjavik and includes hiking through awe-inspiring landscapes and bathing in hot, steaming hot springs.


The city is renowned as the “official home town” for Santa Claus; Rovaniemi is the perfect spot to plan your ideal family trip. With unique accommodations and dining experiences that range from the traditional to the sophisticated, couples will be enthralled by Rovaniemi.

In Santa Claus Village, the entire family can visit Santa’s workshop and kiss the soft nose of reindeer. Why not take a walk with you in the snow-covered landscape? Then, you can leave the bustling city (and its light pollution) and head out to search for the northern lights during the snowmobile. If snowmobiling sounds too exciting, you could opt for one of the different guided Aurora tours available.


Yllas resort is famous for its seven falls, and one of Finland’s most extensive skis runs. Yllas is constructed around two authentic Lappish villages that have schools, health facilities, and all the other amenities a town requires. It is connected to Finland’s most well-known national park that is the Pallas-Yllas tunturin National Park. This national park has the purest air! The street lamps in the villages will be shut down at 10 pm to allow people can see Northern lights. Be aware that I recommend taking a walk outside to view the most stunning lights!


If roughing it’s your thing, you may want to allow Nellim to visit. The inhabitants of this tiny lakeside community say it’s the ideal location in Finland to witness Auroras. Northern Lights. In this area, you can enjoy dogsledding during the day and go Aurora hunting at night.

Top 6 Best Locations for Northern Lights in Finland

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