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Visit the Best Places in Colombo with Your Family

family enjoy a Colombo Beach

For the individuals who are considering remaining in the wonderful place where there is Sri Lanka, recollect that one outing isn’t sufficient to inundate yourself in the magnificent decency of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. You can have a great time with your family by getting your Air Canada to manage booking online Booking accomplished for Colombo. In Colombo, there is no lack of traveling places. At the point when you visit here, you will feel a brief period. The most ideal approach to having some good times is to design your day well.

Look at them and pick what the entirety of Colombo’s vacation spots will find while on an excursion with companions or family.

Lotus Tower

The Colombo Lotus Tower is the tallest unsupported structure in South Asia and an outing to the top prizes guests with a continuous perspective on Colombo and the encompassing city and ocean. The pinnacle, which has numerous media transmission kinds of hardware, has a broadcast communications exhibition hall, strip mall, rotating café and eatery, inn, and indoor and outside perception spots. The pinnacle is likewise a view all things considered – it is secured with LED lighting and presents occasional lighting shows each night.

The Lotus Tower, intended to reproduce the lotus bulb and blossom, simultaneously speaks to the nation’s authentic culture and its future direction.


Wannabe archeologists must place Sigiriya on the rundown of spots to visit in Sri Lanka. This antiquated city is based on a precarious incline, delegated with a level very nearly 180 meters high. This level is known as Lion’s Rock since it manages the wilderness underneath. Access to the site is through steps and rooms coming out of the lion’s mouth. You’ll additionally observe lakes, nurseries, and wellsprings. Quite cool! Local people consider this spot the eighth marvel of the world.

This spot was a religious community back in the third century BC. Later it was changed into a regal habitation. Colombo isn’t exorbitant, and you can discover modest food and delights as we as modest flights. If you find Top 5 Places to Visit in World so you can read and get information about the best places in the world.

Club Marina

Opened in 2013, Casino Marina brought an upheaval and has been increasing extraordinary surveys from that point onward. It is said this is the primary gambling club in Colombo that has floors committed to singular player areas. So also, with 4 stories, each is intended for various individuals, for example, explorers, private occasions, roulette meetings, just as ordinary card meetings.

Club Marina

Playing in a spot that is supposed to be heaven for all gaming fans, you can likewise appreciate excellent perspectives on the Indian Ocean. Gambling club Marina offers boundless excellent free beverages and food for the duration of the day at the tables.

National Museum of Colombo

The Colombo National Museum, likewise called the Sri Lanka National Museum, is the official historical center of Sri Lanka and takes you on an excursion through a great many long periods of Sri Lanka culture. It is one of those historical centers that have numerous kinds of media, from gems to relics, just as attire, gems, coins, weapons, and painstaking work. The presentations show both the nation’s social and common legacy, introduced sequentially, from ancient times to the current day. Get your PIA Online Ticket Booking done and visit this gallery. Give yourself a couple of hours to completely investigate the assortment. The exhibition hall is housed in a huge Victorian pilgrim working in the focal point of Colombo close to Vihara Mahadevi Park.


On the off chance that you are searching for a getaway in a tropical heaven, Mirissa might be the solution to your fantasies: influencing coconut palms, lovely brilliant sand sea shores, and days spent swinging in a lounger. There is nothing superior to this. This heaven bow shape is well known for the most staggering dusks and dawns in Sri Lanka. There are no extravagant resorts that could demolish the scene, so just you, the seashore, and the quietness of the day.

The pace quickens around evening time. Mirissa is the biggest fishing port on the south coast and is an amazing spot to watch dolphins and whales.

Yala National Park

The creatures rule the roost, land, and sky in Yala National Park, a nature save around 240 km from Colombo. Yala offers loads of activities. Your visit starts with a safari to see creatures, including elephants, water wild oxen, and panthers, happening here in a higher thickness than anyplace else on the planet. Note: the recreation center closes for the September panther rearing season. The recreation center is additionally home to 215 types of winged animals, seven of which are from the recreation center.

The most significant landmarks, notwithstanding untamed life, are Sithulpauwwa, an antiquated stone sanctuary where 12,000 priests once lived. In the event that you like natural life, at that point take your modest trips to Colombo since this spot is for you.

Red Mosque

Being in the Pettah region, visit the phenomenal Red Mosque in the city, referred to officially as Jami Ul-Alfar Masjid. It was worked in the mid-twentieth century and is very expressive gratitude to the minarets of red and white stone, finished off with arches looking like onion and pomegranate. They overwhelm the region, and the vaults give it a practically Russian structural character. This particular style is called Indo-Saracenic. It is found close to the port. This is particularly fascinating in light of the fact that the red and white blocks are orchestrated in various examples.

A few whirls, a few spirals, and different regions have exchanged hues with a practically optical figment impact.


This excellent island nation may appear to be a tear, however, in this nation, there is substantially more than meets the eye. Thusly, without sitting around, customize appealing Sri Lankan excursion bundles with PIA Online Ticket Booking and prepare to find the best in this supernatural land! Such a significant number of spots to see, so a brief period.

Visit the Best Places in Colombo with Your Family
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