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American Express Customer Service

No matter which finance company it is, a credit card member is always looking forward to its customer service. Customer service and customer supports are the pillars of the company. No corporation, especially that one dealing with financial services can stand and grow until it provides its users with the most trustworthy and dependable customer service.

For the past few months, some rumors were roaming out there about AMEX Customer Service that they have just gone wrong with their customer service and they are not supporting their customers the way they did before.

Well, I tell you what. It’s a complete misunderstanding. AMEX is still providing its customers and card members the same services it was providing for a century.

I’m not an AMEX Customer Service team member or one of its employee, I’m just a person like you who has been a cardholder of American Express for 10 years and now today, I’m writing this article so that I can share with you the American Express customer service and support that I experienced for the last decade, and there are some other additional services that I came along a few days ago.

I’m going to walk you through all of the services provided by American Express so that you can too become one of the AMEX cardholders and enjoy its services to the full extent.

So let’s begin.

Service Provided by Amex

So first of all, I’m gonna take you through the basic services that are provided on the credit cards.

Services Offered on Personal Cards

Now, if you are one of the below-given cardholders, you can experience a variety of different perks and services depending upon the type of card you choose.

Services on AMEX Gold Card

The American Express customer for AMEX Gold Card Holders include an earning up to $250 during the first 6 months on the spending of 1000 dollars. And you get an additional 35000 reward points on the purchase of $4000 during the first 6 months through your credit card.

You can also get some bonuses on travel, flights, hotels, and restaurants according to the services plans at that time.

Service on AMEX Hilton Horton Card

Being a Hilton Horton Card Member, you would have to pay absolutely no annual fee. Plus, you can earn 100,000 reward points on spending only $1000 during your first 3 months of card membership.

Services on AMEX Blue Cash Preferred Card

The services offered on Blue Cash Preferred Card includes and earning of 300 dollars back if you spend 1000 dollars during your first 6 months. There are many other services offered on this card including hotels, restaurants and travel bonuses, and some of the others too, which you can check on the official site.

Services on AMEX Cash Magnet Card

Card members of Cash Magnet Cards get a 300 bucks back during the purchase within the first 6 months. Along with thousands of bonus points and much more without any annual fee.

American Express Customer Services Offered On Business Credit Cards

There are some of the services that a business credit card holder can experience. You know how difficult it is for the businessmen who are mostly traveling to manage the expenses of their travel. Good News for you, AMEX business credit cards offers a lot of services on traveling and pre-paid hotels.

Services on AMEX Platinum Cards

AMEX provides its customers with Platinum cards a 5X bonus reward and traveling by flights and staying in pre-paid hotels. Along with this, it also offers you a $200 airline fee credit and a $100 credit on hotels.

Services on AMEX Blue Business

These services include earnings of 100 dollars back in the form of statement credit if you make a purchase within the 3 months of your card membership by each of these merchants Dell Technologies, DocuSign, and FedEx

Man using Mobile Phone

There are a lot of other Business Credit cards that offer a heck lot of customer services to its users that you may want to check on the AMEX official website.

Additional Customer Service Provided By AMEX

There are also some of the additional customer services provided by American Express to its customers to make their life a little bit more easy and relaxed. These services include:

Amex Travel Cheques

AMEX provides its users with the service to spend safely overseas with its Travel Cheques. Just register the traveler Cheques with American express after you buy them and in the case, it gets lost or sto\len you can have your funds back.

Paying Bills Online

This one is my favorite. Just pay any of your bills online without even moving a muscle. Sit back on the couch and relax because AMEX offers these services to all its users and the ones who are not the card members can also take advantage of this service.

AMEX Travel Insurance

Feel safe and secure while traveling. AMEX provides its customers with travel insurance services to protect and secure them when they are far from home.

Customer Services Provided by AMEX to make your Life Easy

AMEX also provides its customers with everyday life services to make their life easy.

Digital Solution Services

The digital solution of the customer services of AMEX includes some easy payment methods via digital devices. These cover payments through Apple devices, Samsung devices, Google payments, and mobile NFC.

Security Solution Services

AMEX has taken some serious measures to protect and secure their customers’ accounts and shield them from any fraud agendas. Some of these services include EMV chip card payments. With this service, you can easily fight with fraud at the point of sale, plus it makes the transaction more secure.

Another one includes online pin services, with this service the chances of fraud becomes zero because the moment you are going to pay for your purchase with a credit card, you receive an online pin on your account, in case someone else is using your card he can’t pay until he authenticates the pin sent to you.

Some other security services include tokenization services, safe key method, and verify-it service that immediately validates the billing address and name to combat any fraud.

Broad Acceptance of Payment Services

With a large range of payment methods accepted, you can make transactions and purchases from worldwide.

One of the most loved services includes CASH ACCESS. With this service, the users can access cash from anywhere in the world as it allows the transaction of cash from almost 1.5 million ATMs. Another payment service includes the QR code payment method, with this service you can pay your purchase just by providing the QR code. Isn’t it fun and easy? Some other payment services include contactless payments and mobile POS. but these are just a little bit complex that’s why I don’t vote for them.

American Express Customer Support Methods

AMEX is present 24/7 for its customer support. You can contact them at almost any time of the day for any problem you are facing. The easiest method to contact their customer support is by logging in to your account, there you will see a chat option, just click it and you can seek any help from them.

Another procedure of seeking customer support is by just giving them a ring at 1 (800) 528-4800. You can also contact them via email at their official e-mail address.


So, I bet you have enjoyed the customer services and support provided by AMEX by just taking a glance at them. Let me tell you, it doesn’t end here, there are a hell lot of other customer services that I have not mentioned above as it would have taken my whole day. AMEX is the United States’ most trustful financial service company. So there is no chance that they will wrong their customers from their services.

Now don’t take too long to make your decision, just go and apply for an AMEX card and become one of its lucky card members. There is a lot for you to see there.

American Express Customer Service
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