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Poppy Most Disturbing Meme | Everything you Need to Know

The well-known American singer and musician Poppy or must we say “that Poppy” is hardly a regular singer. With Barbie-like features, child-like innocence, robot-like voice, and weirdest behavior, poppy is driving the whole internet crazy and at the same time, mad in love with her.

If you are a fanatic YouTube surfer, then there is no chance that you’ve missed out on the famous Poppy. Poppy has been ruling the YouTube world for almost 11 years. You don’t have to search extensively to find her, just type: “Poppy YouTube”, and voila, there she appears with all her weird videos and songs.

Some say poppy is an alien while others say she is being controlled by a computer, but no matter whatever she is, one thing is quite clear: “everyone loves poppy”. Even though she acts weird most of the time, my mistake “all the time”, but still she makes us feel happy, she brings smiles on our face and sometimes tears too.

The most disturbing thing about poppy is that she never comes out of her character, no matter how hard you try you will never win in breaking her character, even the famous Zach Sang tried to bring poppy out of her character, but still no luck.

This strength and firmness of her character is the main reason why people are becoming more and more curious about her personal life. People are yearning to see poppy behaving and talking like a normal person, but little do they know that if poppy ever came out of her character, then she will never be the same poppy again, that’s why she tries hard never to come out even when someone is too rude with her.

Though poppy had tried hard to hide her real identity and already tweeted in the past that she does not want to bring her personal life in public. But still, in a world like today, nothing can hide forever, therefore people managed to get a sneak peek into poppy’s personal life. So let’s discuss poppy’s lifestyle and everything else you want to know about.

Poppy’s Personnel Life

Now sneaking on Poppy’s early life we came to know that she was born as Moriah Rose Pereira in Boston, she later adopted the nickname of Poppy for the YouTube channel. Her father was a drummer in a band.

In her early years, poppy was used to be bullied in school due to her pale face and quiet behavior. After she was fed up with all this rude behavior of her schoolmates, she discontinued her education in school and was homeschooled afterward.

In 2011, poppy came into the light via YouTube. She started her different YouTube channels as “that poppy”, “Poppy chains”, her channels have almost 300 videos each one always with a different weird theme or video.

As for who she is dating, the poppy was initially involved with the directors of his movies Titanic Sinclair, but they broke up at the end of 2019. Now, poppy is being reportedly dating a well-known American rapper Eric Whitney goes by the name of GHOSTMAINE. Their relationship is still on good terms and they have been rumored to be engaged.

So guys, are you finished or still want more about this mysterious YouTube, because if you are yearning for more, then you’ll have to wait for a little until we come up with another catchy news about this everyone’s beloved singer. Till then, take care.

Poppy Most Disturbing Meme | Everything you Need to Know
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