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When it comes to manga series, I don’t think there ever existed a human being who doesn’t love manga. It won’t be wrong to say that manga is standing above all comics and graphic novels in the world. Almost 90% of the whole world is manga crazed.

People have a special thirst for manga that can never be satisfied. Everyone is looking forward to places where they can find the best manga series. Therefore, to quench their thirst, many websites on the internet are providing people with the most in-demand manga comics.

Today, we’re gonna talk about one of these manga websites which was standing above all other platforms because of providing the people with the exact thing they need, and that is the Mangastream. You might have heard that Mangastream was banned and shut down. But do you know the reason behind its shutting down?

Well, in this article, we’re gonna discuss all the reasons and facts behind the prohibitio0n of Mangastream and will provide you with the best alternative of it so that you could still enjoy the amusing series of manga.

What was the Manga Stream?

Talking about Mangastream, it was the first-rated website providing the readers with all the comics and novels of manga series without any cost. It had been present on the internet for almost a decade. The reason for its popularity was the top-notch quality of the content it provided to the readers and an extremely user-friendly interface of its website. It was the of the few manga websites which were most trusted and loved by the whole world.

Why is it Banned?

Suddenly, without any warning, the Mangastream was shut down, sealed. No one knew what had happened, all the readers were grief-stricken. After all, the best platform for the manga series was closed, so why the people won’t be sad.

However, after a few months, the real reason behind the shutting down was revealed. The real owners of manga series claimed that Mangastream was providing clones and copies of original series, moreover, they were offering their comics free, which is against the law.

Therefore, the high court ordered Mangastream to shut down its official website, however, a new website with the URL of Mangastream .cc is still on run and is thought to be the clone of the former manga website.   

Best Alternatives for Mangastream

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For the fans of Mangastream, it shutting down was really a shock. But don’t worry, there are several other websites available who are providing manga series with the most splendid content. Even so, their manga comics are not comparable to that of manga stream, still, they are providing the comics with outstanding quality. So let’s have a look at some of those alternatives.

Manga Fox

Manga fox is another platform providing you a number of manga series to satisfy your thirst for comics. However due to the increasing popularity of manga fox, several fake websites with the same name are also coming forward, so beware of them.

Manga Town

Manga town is famous for providing readers with manga comics in several different styles. People love this site also because it gives access to the manga without any formal registration.

Viz Media

With this comic application, you can access almost all the manga series of the world by just typing the simple keyword. Other than comics, you can also use this site for watching anime.

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