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How to Activate Tesco Credit Card

Tesco, the leading supermarket has now evolved as a convenient banking solution. Tesco Bank facilitates its customers with a range of credit cards that offer interest-free periods for easy shopping. It seems that Tesco has something for everyone’s borrowing needs. You can easily manage your Tesco credit card through Online Banking.

Here is how you can activate your Tesco credit card, view your accounts, make payments, and view your statements online.

Types of Tesco Credit Cards

  • Tesco Bank’s Purchases Credit Card

Offers long 0% interest on rewards and purchases

  • Tesco Bank Low APR Credit Card

Offers low standard APR plus rewards

  • Tesco Bank Foundation Credit Card

Best for building and rebuilding credit

  • Tesco Bank 12 Month All Round Credit Card

Offers 0% on balance transfers and purchases, no balance transfer fees

  • Tesco Balance Transfer Credit Card

Offers long 0% balance transfer period

Activate your Card through Tesco’s Online Banking App

As soon as you receive your Tesco Bank Credit Card, the most convenient method of activating it is through the Tesco bank’s Mobile Banking App. Simply download the app to your phone and you will get the complete guidance from there.

When you log into the App, you will see the picture of credit card on the landing page. Click on ‘Activate your card’ and then enter your CVV number which is engraved on the back. After this your Tesco credit card will become activated.

You can also call the bank’s customer service on their telephone number 0345 300 4278* (Minicom 0345 671 0676*). The operator will ask you to enter your 16 digit credit card number so it is better to keep the card in hand.

If you are registered for online banking, you will have to enter selected digits from your Security number. If there are other card holders from this account, this action will activate their cards as well.

Check your Tesco Credit Card Details Online

You can log in to your credit card online, by viewing your Online Banking Overview. It will display the summary of credit card along with your available credit and current balance. The app will show the most recent transactions in the tiles which you can click to know more details.

credit check show in the laptop screen

Manage your Tesco Credit Card Online

The Tesco Credit card can be easily managed through online banking.

  • If your card is lost or stolen, you can report and get a new one without any hassle.
  • You can temporarily block your card; therefore you can not use it for any transactions except any pending transactions.
  • You can simply unblock the card once you are ready to use it again.
  • In case you card gets damaged you can order a new one.

Online Payments and Transactions for Tesco Credit Card

There are several online options for making payments to the credit card. Online banking allows you to choose the amount you want to pay.

One way is to set up a Direct Debit for paying a minimum amount. You can chose to pay any other amount or full balance. This feature is a great help for people who often forget to pay their credit card bills. The Direct Debit is a hassle free solution to this problem if you do not forget to enable it from the menu.

You can also use your Debit Card for making payments. You can make a new debit card if you don’t have one.

You can also send a direct payment from your bank by using ‘Make a Payment option’. It will give you a list of banks from where you can choose your bank for paying your bills. If your bank name is not on the list then make a direct money transfer from any of your bank accounts. You will only require your 16 digit Tesco credit card number as a reference for payment.

How to Activate Tesco Credit Card
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