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www.getinkpreffered.com| Apply Online For Chase Ink Business Preferred Card

If we have to pick the best credit card for small businesses, the chase ink business preferred card will be the one for sure. Although there are many business cards targeting small business owners, but this card comes with some attractive features and rewards.

The chase ink business preferred card is an absolute favorite.

This card will offer you rewards and cash backs on every time you spend your money. It will give you a chance to win money on all your business expenses. It has a great program reward and comes with a sign up bonus. This card will give you the highest bonus amounts among all the other business cards. It is an all-rounder for small business owners.

Types of Chase Ink Cards

There are six types of cards offered by chase ink by now:

  • Ink Business Preferred
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Marriot Bonvoy Boundless
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards
  • Ink Business Unlimited

Perks and Rewards

  1. You’ll get a great amount of sign up bonus upto $1600.
  2. Only $95 annual fee for their business preferred card. Great!
  3. Some categories have a lot of reward winning opportunities.
  4. Earn $500 cash back after every time you spend $3,000 for the first 3 months as you open your card account.
  5. You will receive 3 ultimate reward points for per dollar spending till the purchases of $150000.
  6. No foreign Transaction fee.
  7. 0% intro APR for 12 months.
  8. Chase Ink will pay $600 for damage or theft of your cell phones.
  9. 5% cash back in some categories.

Eligibility Criteria at chase.com

Before applying for their cards, make sure you are eligible. Keep in mind to read all the terms of using their business preferred card. Read the mentioned points before applying.

  • You should e 18 or more for being able to apply for one.
  • The applicant’s business should be legal and authentic.
  • You should have a US national identity card and a permanent US based address.
  • Applicants shouldn’t be involved in any illegal activity.

Apply For Chase Ink Business Preferred Card

They have an official website for applying. You can also use the phone option for applying as well. I have explained these methods for you.

Online registration at www.getinkpreferred.com

  1. Visit www.getinkpreferred.com.
  2. Provide them your zip code and invitation number.
  3. They’ll lead you to your required application page.
  4. A new link will open with your card application form.
  5. Fill in your business information including legal address, name, type etc.
  6. Then open the personal information form.
  7. Fill all the basic details.
  8. You’ll also see an employee card option. It’s your choice to add it or not.
  9. After reading all the terms and pricing details click on I agree.
  10. Now, click on submit and provide username and password your request will be submitted. 

Chase Ink Card Phone Number

You can also contact them directly by phone. In order to apply for their business credit card, call 1-480-350-7099. They’ll ask you for your invitation number. If you don’t have any just tell them about that. Provide them all the details they’ll ask for to fill the form. They’ll tell you to wait for your application to be approved.

Activation of your business card

As you have been approved and have received your card, the next step is to activate your account. The steps and methods of activation are explained.

Online Activation

  1. Open creditcards.chase.com.
  2. Click on the sign in button.
  3. Provide your username and account password.
  4. You’d be logged in.
  5. Go to the credit card setting option.
  6. Provide your card number and click on activate.
  7. Your card will be activated.

Activation through Phone Number

Another quick way of activation is by phone. Just make a call at 1-888-269-8690. Ask them to activate your account. They’ll ask you about your username, password and SSN. After that you’ll receive the activation text on your account. 

Chase Ink Card Payment Methods

Chase ink provides you with three different kinds of payment methods. You can also pay at any chase branch or ATM. Other ways are:

Online Payments

  1. You can set your payments to automatic payments.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Go to the payment option.
  4. Set to automatic payment monthly.
  5. Provide your account number and you’ll be done.
  6. OR you can pay online by providing your account number by your mobile number. 
  7. You’ll receive a notification that your card is credited.

Business Preferred Card Payment Number 

You can call at 1-800-436-7958 anytime for phone payments. You’ll be done by providing your bank account number and credit card number.

Business Preferred Card – Pay My Bill through Mail

You can also mail your credit cards or money order at their payment mailing address. Don’t send cash as they don’t accept it. I would suggest you to mention your correct name and bank account as well with the credit card. Following is the mailing address for sending payments:

Cardmember Services
P.O. Box 6294
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6294

Chase Ink Customer Support chase.com

They have a specially designed customer care service for their credit card users. If you get into any confusion or have any problem relating to the invitation number or credit card, just give them a call. They have separate numbers for national and international calls.

For US based calls the number is 1-800-432-3117. The number for international calls is 1-302-594-8200. 

You can mail them all your queries as well at their mailing address mentioned below. Make sure to add in your authentic name and address. 

Card Services
P.O. Box 15298
Wilmington, DE 19850

www.getinkpreffered.com| Apply Online For Chase Ink Business Preferred Card
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