Is Buying FIFA Coins Legal?

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Are you wondering if purchasing FIFA coins is legal? Read on! This article will share an opinion on everything about buying coins. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player in the transfer market, this information is convenient.

The tips shared in this article come in handy to keep your gaming journey safe. Having your game closed or both rewards and FIFA coins taken is probably the most annoying thing to face.

Everything you Need to know About FIFA Coins

It is the main currency used in the FUT transfer market. If you want to buy players to keep your team strong, FIFA coins will aid that. However, you cannot purchase coins nor transfer them between players since it’s prohibited. Engaging in any exercise that aids in the transfer is a fraud.

However, you can get coins in a legit way, thus ensuring your game’s safety. Accessing the best assets and players in the FUT market requires a lot of coins. Therefore, when deciding to add more coins, you’ll probably think of buying them, but Is buying FIFA coins safe? 

Means of Acquiring FIFA Coins

To keep the competition going, you need to get the best players and game assets in the market. It drains your coin balance. However, it is a sure way to fetch handsome prices in the end-game results. The main sources of adding more coins to your account include:

  • Playing matches
  • Buying or selling assets and players on the transfer market
  • Getting coin rewards or gifts

Those are some of the essential methods for increasing your FIFA coin income. However, there are many other means of earning FIFA coins. You can even opt to buy FIFA coins. Although the EA is against it, it’s the fastest way to increasing your coin collection.

EA and Buying FIFA Coins

Is buying FIFA coins safe? It is one of the common debates attracting attention from most people. EA clearly states that it is illegal to purchase or sell FIFA coins in its terms and services. Going against this term results in penalties on both parties involved. Additionally, it’s illegal to transfer coins between two accounts, and this also invites a penalty. 

In short, getting more coins in your game needs hard work. Through this, you’ll earn your coins legally. Although EA is against buying FIFA coins, they have approved many other ways to acquire more coins and keep the game a fancy and thrilling experience.

Ways to Earning FIFA Coins Legally

To start with, you can earn FIFA coins legally by completing season objectives. It makes you coin bonuses. Moreover, it is a way of getting a lot of FIFA coins in any game played. Secondly, play often and qualify for the FUT championship. It gives the best game rewards, including vast prices and huge coin bonuses.

Additionary, converting FIFA points to FIFA coins is another traditional way. Exchanging points for coins are acceptable in the transfer market. A FIFA point is equal to fifty FIFA coins. Another way to earn FIFA coins without violating the EA agreement is through playing and winning matches. It gives coin rewards. Besides, you can opt to go the traditional way, trading on the FIFA transfer market to build up your coin horde.

Buying FIFA Coins Safely

Although the EA is against buying FIFA coins, there are many reliable websites where you can buy FIFA coins. Let’s say technology is a superweapon. One of the top websites includes This website ensures a reliable transfer, keeping your game journey safe. To securely buy FIFA coins on websites, your perfect website should be trustworthy and dependable.

This website has a good history in the market. Moreover, it has years of experience and constant good reviews. A perfect site is the one that has a high-security level and legit orders. It prevents your game accounts from hacks and keeps the transfer secure. So, the debate “is buying FIFA coins safe? “is merely settled now.

Over to you!

It is wise to play by the terms and conditions of FIFA game inventors. EA requires that you earn coins rightfully. Buying FIFA coins is not safe since it’s against the EA rules. That’s because this act exposes you to the penalties of violating the EA terms. The downside includes account closing too.

Furthermore, EA can remove all your efforts, including points and coins, and restrict your access. Another penalty is being banned from the FUT! So much to face.

Even with all the EA rules, you can safely buy FIFA coins through a reliable website. These coins are indeed hard to come by, but you can get them from BuyFifaCoins quickly.

Is Buying FIFA Coins Legal?
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