A List of Simple and Easy Things you can Do to Revamp your Website Today

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The Internet is filled with websites – but sadly, only a small portion of these websites make an impact. You may already have your website, and chances are, you’ve had it for a while. But if you feel that your website is not reaching its full potential and you need to make it a lot better than it is, it need not be a difficult undertaking.

The trick is to remember the three main aspects that can make your website better: its design, the user experience, and marketing. And in fact, there are a number of small and simple things you can do to revamp your website today. Do you want to know what it is? Here’s your list.

Your Website’s Design

Your website’s design will be comprised of several things, but take a look at your website and carefully assess what it is lacking in terms of branding, visual appeal, and graphics. For instance, do you have your company logo prominently displayed on your site as soon as visitors enter? This can help solidify your brand and online working like photography.

The visual appeal of your site also matters, so stop using stock photographs and invest in high-quality images that can establish your brand. Rich images are the thing, and make them with real people. If you can showcase photos of your team instead of some professional model, this will make your company more relatable to your customers. A headshot (usually digital) portrait in which the focus is on the person.

Your User’s Experience

When it comes to the user experience, your website needs to fit high standards. Make sure your website is easy to navigate – that’s number one. A website that’s easy to browse through will contribute greatly to your user’s experience and your metrics, simply because you can reduce the number of visitors leaving the site. Visitors will also spend more time on your site, thereby increasing your metrics even further.


Another thing is the speed of your website, and this can contribute in a big way to the experience of your users as well, as confirmed by the expert designers and developers from Expre Digital Ltd. One thing you have to remember is that search engines tend to penalise websites that are slow, and nobody wants to wait for ages for a page to load.

You also have to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and responsive, especially since the vast majority of website traffic around the globe is now generated with mobile phones. You can check your website traffic through Google Analytics, and if half of it comes from mobile, then you should definitely optimise it for mobile use.

Your Marketing

Marketing is another aspect that can make or break your website, and this is where proper social media marketing comes in. First of all, inform customers about the social media channels you are on, and don’t forget to sign up with the most relevant platforms, from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter and Instagram. Instagram, in particular, can be of great help, because a good percentage of individuals on Instagram have been known to take action once they have seen a post. You should also make use of social logins so users can sign up or register easily with you. YouTube can be a good way to promote your videos, and with the right videos, you can interact more with your audience and showcase your products/services, your staff and team, and other relevant details.

A List of Simple and Easy Things you can Do to Revamp your Website Today
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