Are Women Better Real Estate Agents than Men

It’s no secret that gender may influence the way an individual performs professionally. Both females and males have their own strengths that can be used to benefit their professional performance. For instance, women are more in tune with their emotions, while men tend to be more logical and action-oriented.

When it comes to emotional experiences such as purchasing or selling real estate, women in this field may have a slight advantage over their male counterparts. In this article, we’ll be exploring those advantages that may be making women real estate agents better at sales.

The Project Feminine Energy

When talking about women real estate agents, one of the first things we should mention is the energy they project. Soft and sweet, most female agents possess energy and qualities that make them open, and therefore, easier to approach. Such qualities come in handy when it comes to sales.

For instance, a female agent may hug a client and ask about their day. They’ll also be softer with their handshake, and they’ll generally appear like they’re completely invested in your well-being. If the client is going through some things in their private life, women agents will sympathize and comfort them. It’s also not unusual for them to ask about your feelings about the entire buying or selling process. This is not something you’d usually expect when it comes to male agents. This is because of the societal pressure that’s put on men to project tough, masculine energy. They’re expected to conform to this pressure, and adopting these feminine qualities is simply not acceptable for them.

They’ve Got Great Listening Skills

One of the biggest advantages women have in the sales world is simply their ability to listen. While selling is about communication, it’s not as much about talking as it is about listening. Every good real estate agent knows the rule “Telling is not selling”, and it’s true. Being great at listening is vital in real estate, and studies found that this ability is more prominent in females.

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There were also other studies that highlighted the differences in the way women and men listen. By relying on brain images, one study concluded that women use both sides of their brains to listen. Men, in contrast, use only one side. Other than processing the language differently, female and male listening skills also differ in the sense that women are more people-oriented while men tend to be action-oriented listeners. This enables women real estate agents to connect with the emotional message more effectively and really engage their customers.

They’ve Got Stronger Intuition

Both men and women are capable of being intuitive. However, there is a big difference in the way they use their intuition. It has to do a lot with the differences in brain connectivity of females and males. There was a study by a university in Madrid that explored the differences between male and female intuition by relying on MRI scans. What the study found was that male brains were more logical compared to female brains. They’re simply neurologically wired to be that way. On the other hand, female brains were found to have a higher capacity for intuition. Thanks to their less logical and more emotional antennae, female brains are able to pick up emotional signals more effectively.

As a result, female real estate agents are more successful at deciphering what is being communicated by simply examining the clients’ emotional and body language. They’re then able to use this information in sales and negotiation and apply their people skills to ensure happier clientele.

They’re able to “Romantically Prime” Customers

Aside from their natural social skills that serve as their natural advantages in the sales world, women real estate agents also have the power to romantically prime the customer at a subconscious level. There was a Neuroscience Marketing article that examined the notion of romantic priming. In the article, the male customers who were “romantically primed” were more inclined to rely on their spending behavior to impress the attractive female salesperson. By placing a large order, the males were able to showcase their mating potential (referred to as “the Peacock Display”).

What this essentially means is that women real estate agents may have an advantage when asking for the sale. By creating the romantic priming effect, they make themselves appear genuinely charming and use that to produce the desired results.

Wrapping up

While there is a substantial amount of evidence to support the claim that women may be better listeners, more intuitive, and more charming, it all boils down to the individual. As with any industry, in the real estate industry, there are good real estate agents, and there are bad ones. While female agents may have certain advantages over their male counterparts, if unused, they’ll stop being advantages at all.

Are Women Better Real Estate Agents than Men
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