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5 Dining Table Setups that will Surely Bring your Family Together on a Whole New Level this 2021

It’s not uncommon for people to try their hand at DIYs or redecorate some parts of the home to ease boredom- but if you’re looking for a new activity that will bring everyone together – you might need a good dining table! Get your pens and notebooks, as this article will bring your dining area to another level!

What are the Interior Trends to Look Out for in 2021?

2021’s all about family and functionality. Since everyone is at home doing work and school stuff, every part of the house should cater to the family’s different needs. How can you make your home functional?- try to add your personal touch to them! 

No one knows how your own house works better than you do. You can use a dining table for work, eating, and a kitchen space where you can even use it as your zoom background! Now, let’s get to work!

You can Choose Round Tables

For a more intimate vibe, round dining tables are the best option, especially for those who have limited spaces at home. Round tables can easily blend with space, which increases the overall functionality of your dining area. 

Try an Informal but Comfortable Setup

To further widen the functions of your dining area, make sure that it’s comfortable and cosy. You can choose chairs with cushions that are made with versatile fabrics that comfortably support your back. 

In addition to this, choose furniture that is easy to maintain, clean and durable. Marble dining tables are sturdy and easy to clean. Despite the limited colours, they are highly flexible and can fit into any interior style you are trying to achieve.

Fan of a Rustic and Earthy Theme?

Put nature inside! One of the most trending interior styles nowadays involves plants as your home decorations. Aside from its ability to provide fresh and filtered air, this also brings a distinct irreplaceable feel to your space. 

Don’t be scared to play with the variety of plants that you are trying to put. Too many plants inside of your home isn’t a bad thing! You can choose from succulents and cacti as a decoration for your dining area. 

Take Advantage of your Home’s Natural Lighting

If your dining area is located near a big window or has an abundant natural light source, take advantage of this to provide a fresh and natural aura. 

The combination of natural light, wooden cushioned chairs, and any light-coloured marble table – would create a timeless style that would be sustainable for a long time.

Al Fresco Dining, the New Trend

Dinning table with food

Tired of dining inside? Then, bring the fun outside! During this pandemic, many dining establishments have considered doing alfresco dining to ensure the safety of customers. 

That’s why if you are trying to host an intimate party with your friends or with close relatives, you can opt for this dining area option. The size of the dining table would depend on your preference, but it would be safe to stick to having at least an eight-seater table. 

Since it is located outside, you can choose marble, granite, or limestone dining tables extraordinarily durable and heat resistant.

Dining areas are where a family sits every meal and enjoys the company of each other. That’s why it Is essential to make sure it caters for the needs of everyone and ensure an intimate, comfortable atmosphere that would improve the bond of the whole family.

5 Dining Table Setups that will Surely Bring your Family Together on a Whole New Level this 2021
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