Check Out These 5 Popular Toys for Girls

Check Out These 5 Popular Toys for Girls

Buying for a Gen Xer?

It can be intimidating buying a gift for someone younger than you. The good news is, you don’t have to be up on the latest trends to find the perfect present.

Instead, if you want to give a gift that’ll be cool and cherished, you’ll need to do a little bit of detective work. By finding out a couple of details about the person you’re buying the present for, you’ll be able to rule out all the gifts that are just a waste of money.

1. Animal Themed Gifts

What are the top popular toys for girls today? Read on to find out!

What toys do girls like? Instead of driving yourself crazy and trying to find one specific toy from one specific company, routing your horizons.

If you know the favorite animal of the person you’re getting a gift for, you’re in luck! By picking an animal-themed gift, you’re sure to deliver a present that they’ll cherish.

What type of animal-themed gifts should you look into? For starters, it’s always a good idea to look for different stuffed animals and plushies. You can still find beanie babies as well, or go with a more modern-day styled stuffed animal.

Plushies are so popular, you can even use them to help finance your gift. All you’ll need is a buy back service, and you can find out what your animals are worth. If you haven’t gone stuffed animals shopping in a while, you’ll be surprised at all the different styles that are available out there!

From cute and cuddly teddy bears to ones whose eyes pop out of their head, there’s a stuffed animal for every young girl’s personality. Are you looking to give a gift and an experience at the same time? You might want to consider going to a stuffed animal building workshop or store location that lets you do it yourself. Together, you’ll be able to build lifelong memories while also creating the perfect gift.

2. Arts and Crafts Gifts for Girls

Today, kids have the benefit of incorporating technology into their arts and crafts. Whether you’re shopping at a local supermarket, or online, you can find a variety of drawing toys that use digital tools. For instance, now they make digital pens you can use so that you always have a way to draw.

Of course, you can also go a more traditional route by buying canvases or sketch paper. You can find inexpensive canvases and sketch pads to paint on at your local dollar store. If you want something of higher quality, we suggest visiting the arts and crafts store.

Next, decide whether you want to get oil paints, water paints, or even colored pencils to accompany the canvases. You can always top off the gift with the thoughtful easel that’s perfectly sized for her height.

3. Girls Toys Bedroom LEDs

Moving on, colorful LEDs also make for wonderful gifts! There’s a ton of different LED options, such as light strips, light bulbs, and complete kits. We suggest looking into the bedroom lighting kits since they’ll come with everything the gift receiver needs.

There are even LED bedroom kits that come with Bluetooth capabilities. By syncing the lights up to a music source, the play with perfect timing to whatever song is on.

If you want to take your gift one step further, we suggest looking into the different planetarium lights available. Young girls nowadays love creating an outdoor, starry sky effect in their bedrooms. One of the ways they accomplish this look is by creating LED clouds. If you bought all of the supplies for a DIY LED cloud, you’d be a big hit for a tween or teen.

4. High-End Gift Options

So far, none of the popular toys for girls on our list have been particularly cheap. However, they’ve all laid more towards the budget-friendly side. Now, we’d like to talk to you about a couple of high-end gift options for when you’re willing to spend $100 or more. For starters, the marketplace for tablets is booming!

You can find tablets at discounted prices as low as $85. If you’re buying a tablet for a young child, they don’t need all of the bells and whistles that more expensive tablets have. One of the biggest advantages of giving a child a tablet is that they can download learning apps or different creative apps, such as drawing.

Instead of having to rely on paper and pencil, they’ll have instant access to the things they love doing next, if you’re buying for a middle school-aged girl, consider getting a laptop. Laptops are becoming increasingly helpful for students. You don’t have to worry about showing out money for a high-end laptop either.

Chromebooks that run apps instead of software are incredibly affordable, modern, and popular. Of course, if the present isn’t for your child, you’ll want to make sure the parents are on board with their kid having a tablet. Lastly, another high-end gift idea would be to buy her a bicycle.

5. Bicycle Buying Tips

For instance, will they be primarily riding on paved roads or dirt roads? Do you know what their favorite color is? How tall are they? These are all questions you’ll want to have fully answered before you make any bicycle purchases.

Next, if they don’t already have a bicycle consider buying them safety gear as well. Be careful though. Don’t let them open up the helmet first, or you’ll give the grand finale away!

If you’re thinking about buying a bicycle , you’ll want to make sure you know a few details first. If the bicycle’s for a young child, it’ll be easy to find the right model. However, if you’re buying for a middle school or high school-aged person, things can get a little bit trickier.

Choosing Popular Toys for Girls

Hopefully, we were able to get your wheels turning so that you can start thinking of the perfect gift to get her. Remember that the more you know about the person who you’re buying for, the easier it’ll be to choose their gift. Do a little bit of research today to find out what her favorite animal is, or if she enjoys doing arts and crafts. After all, getting both memorably and popular toys for girls, is all about personalizing the gift. For more tips like the ones in this article, explore the rest of this website.

Check Out These 5 Popular Toys for Girls

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