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Ideas To Decor Your College Room With Dorm Rugs

Decorate the room

The floor is one of the most conspicuous spaces in your dorm room. Anyone walking into the room will instantly notice the rug. Beyond contributing to the beauty of your room, it will determine the overall feel, helping you to create the perfect space for study or relaxation. Get a professional from US Essays Writers and create more personal time to relax or explore other ideas like entrepreneurship or employment.

A rug also shows your creativity. Above all, it is an accessory that will add to the beauty of your room. You have endless deco options for your rug. Here are some of the best options to explore when choosing a dorm rug.

Rug Size

There is beauty in the size of a rug. You may choose a large rug that covers from one end to the other. Alternatively, you may choose a rug that never goes beyond the sitting area, creating a secluded space for friends and roommates to enjoy social time. A small rug creates a pattern around the room, altering the overall texture. You may choose a general theme for the small size or a unique one that stands out.

A large rug on the other hand covers the entire room. Most of these are singular colors and will cover the spaces under sofa sets and beds. The large rugs are usually of the same theme as the entire room. It is a way of maintaining a consistent theme for your room.

Rug Color

Rugs come in all colors and patterns. Some are singular colors while others multi-colored. There is no restriction on the color you can choose for your rug. However, consider that colors influence the overall texture and mood of a room.

person roll the rug

For instance, dull colors give the room a cool temperament. Bright colors on the other hand raise the energy levels, making the room to appear vibrant. Choose a color that helps you to create the perfect atmosphere to study and socialize.


The texture of your rug will depend on the material used. You will feel the texture when you walk on the rug with your bare feet. The best idea is to have a soft rug that gives you a relaxed feeling when you walk on the carpet.

At the same time, the material will determine the price. Top quality materials like wool are expensive but give you the best experience. The choice of material is, therefore, an investment that you must be willing to make.

Room Theme

A rug is a conspicuous part of your room décor. You must, therefore, ensure that it complements the other features in your room. Choose a color that rhymes with the seats, curtain, and murals, or any other feature. The patterns on the rug should also compliment. It gives your dorm room a standard feel.

A dorm rug is an opportunity to exercise your creativity. Use it to create your most desirable space for friends, personal time, and studies. Every choice you make will add to the atmosphere created around your room.

Ideas To Decor Your College Room With Dorm Rugs
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