4 Factors you Need to Consider Before Shopping for a Mattress

A good night’s sleep dictates the quality of your day ahead. Waking up stiff in the morning with backaches or neck pain is not something a person wishes. Other than physical effects, a lousy night’s sleep may cause fatigue, irritability and may lead to an unproductive day. A good mattress enables you to sleep well and comfortably. However, if the bed creaks when you turn over, gets saggy, or even gets bouncy, it is time to look for a new bed.

Without good quality bedding, the sleep scShedule suffers, and so does the body, both mentally and physically. But, shopping for mattresses is a daunting task with so many types and variations for different needs. So, here are some factors you should consider before setting off to shop for a new mattress:

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position plays a significant part in choosing the right bedding. Bedding that does not offer the support for your regular sleeping position causes discomfort. Most people are back sleepers, and for such types of sleepers, softer mattresses are not recommended as they fail to provide optimum comfort and fail to keep the spine aligned. So, a firmer bed becomes the go-to choice in this case.

People who tend to sleep on the side, wherein the weight is put on the shoulder and joints, should opt for memory foam mattresses. Therefore, it is crucial to identify which type of sleeper you are to make the right decision.

Body Type

Everybody is shaped differently, and it impacts the way the weight is put onto your spine. Sleepers with a lower body weight find medium-firm mattresses adequately comfortable compared to someone with a heavier body weight. However, people looking to relieve some pressure or pain should opt for a softer bed regardless of their body type.

Hybrid mattresses are suitable for people with a heavier build, as it combines supportive inspiring coils with the comfort of foam. Moreover, consider beds that are at least 12 inches tall as they provide greater comfort and support than the shorter ones.

Pain Areas

If you wake up each morning with lower back or neck pain, then your bedding is unable to keep your spine in a neutral position. The pain will get worse if you continue to sleep on the same type of bed.


People with chronic back pain should opt for medium-firm or firm mattresses that will provide the much-needed support to the back and thus will be able to improve overall sleep quality.

Moreover, a medium-firm bed is recommended for persistent pain in the muscles, joints or critical pressure areas. Such mattresses help relieve the pain and reduce the time one takes to fall asleep.


The pricing of mattresses vary widely, and there is one for every budget. It is also dependent on the type of mattress you choose, the materials used to make it and the brand. It also depends on its features, as some beddings have add-on features like temperature regulation, enhanced pressure relief (which causes the price to shoot up).

The range starts from as low as a couple of hundred dollars, and some luxury brands go up in the six-digit figures. So, the options are many and determining your own budget becomes crucial to filter the choices.

Consider these factors before looking up mattresses for you. Choosing the right one is a daunting task, and it will take a lot of time but make sure you research well and carefully monitor sleeping patterns. Analyzing your sleeping patterns will help you make a better choice.

4 Factors you Need to Consider Before Shopping for a Mattress
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