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7 LED Lighting Ideas that you will Love

Gone are the days of costly and moderate to-heat up cold white LED bulbs. Instead, the
wide range of LEDs accessible today opens up a ton of innovative choices for lighting up
your home. These exceptionally productive lights currently arrive in a broad scope of
shadings, lumen levels, and shapes, including low-profile, flexible strips that are ideal for
adding remarkable climate to any space.
Driven strips are exceptionally customized and adjustable, and they effortlessly fit in all
ways and places -as long as they are reachable for a plug and a surface they can append to.
This makes LED strips ideal for adding illumination to regions you’ve just longed for.
Australians love to use lights for home decoration, and almost every home possesses some
types of lights. Perhaps this is the reason behind the rising popularity of LED lighting in
Check out some prevalent ideas for decorating a home with LED strips bulbs.


LED stripes can be installed on stairs, both below the railing or under the tread. They not
only look sleek but also make it easier for you to navigate the stairs at night without turning
on a brighter light.

Roof Coving

Setting up LED strips in the roof coving of any space in your house is an economical
approach to add interest to your roof and make the architectural features appealing. For
example, you can try these lights to:

  • Add inconspicuous accent lighting and a modish twist to authentic structures.
  • Make a warm greeting in your doorway.
  • Add vibe to your washroom, or capacity as a night light.
  • Highlight the highest point of your kitchen pantries.


Lighting a mirror with LED strips is a unique and advanced idea of conventional enormous
vanity mirror bulbs. It’s anything but a delicate sparkle and gives an even degree of lighting,
restricting shadows and making your look best.


If you want to go beyond the conventional notion of using lights, installing LED strip lights
under your furniture adds a special sparkle to any room and can help a tiny space look
bigger. There are a couple of pieces of furniture worth considering while you are thinking
about adding accent illumination to:

  • Couches and rockers: add positive vibes and make it simpler to track down the remote (of AC, TV, or music system) when somebody drops it under the couch.
  • Tables: upgrade an old table with the cutting edge look of LED strip lights to add a delicate look that is ideal for parties.
  • Bunks and beds: Wisely enlighten the floor enough to see around evening time without awakening your kids or accomplice, or add them to a headboard for atmosphere.

Under Cupboards, Toe-kicks, and Drawers

Adding LED light strips under and in your kitchen or washroom cupboards and drawers can
improve the presence of your space. Such lighting arrangement will likewise act practically
as undertaking lighting and make your cupboards, drawers, and surface regions simpler to
look at and work in.

Photo Frames

By adding LED strips to the rear of a current edge or making your own out of Plexiglas, you
can improve your photos, prints, and artwork and make them stand apart in a better way.
Also, LEDs don’t discharge heat, making them protected to utilise while showing any piece.

Sink and Bath Edge

Along with backlighting your washroom mirror, you can also create a soothing ambience in
your washroom using LED strips that illuminate the lower part of your bath. Ensure you’re
not so relaxed that you fall asleep in the bathtub.
Consider these tips and illuminate your dream home with LED lighting in Australia.

7 LED Lighting Ideas that you will Love
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