How to be Clear About Coordinate Geometry?

How to be Clear About Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate geometry is considered to be one of the most interesting topics of the world of mathematics and this is one of the favourite topics of the students as well. This is also referred to as analytic geometry and always helps in describing the link between algebra as well as coordinate geometry perfectly with the utilisation of graphs, lines and curves. It will always help in providing the people with the right kind of aspects of geometry to solve different kinds of problems and the best benefit is that it will help in making sure that the positioning of the points on the plane will be perfectly described with the help of right pair of numbers. These kinds of concepts are referred to as Cartesian geometry and can be explained with the help of different kinds of formulas and derivations.

 This particular concept can be termed as the study of geometry with the help of coordinate points and it becomes possible to find the distance between two points, divide the lines into a specific ratio, find out the midpoint of the line, and calculate the area of the triangle and several other things of related things. The coordinates are considered to be the set of specific values that will help in showing the exact position of a point into the coordinate plane. The coordinate plane will be to the plane that has been found by the intersection of two perpendicular lines which will be known as the Y-axis and X-axis. Distance formula can be perfectly utilised by the students and they can also depend upon the utilisation of section formula as well as midpoint theorem in this particular area.

 To further become familiar with this particular concept it is very much important for people to be familiar with the concept of plotting graphs on a plane from the tables of numbers for both linear as well as non-linear equations. The number line which is also referred to as the Cartesian plane will be divided into four quadrants that will be perpendicular to each other and will be labelled as a horizontal line and vertical line. Quadrant one will have positive values of X and positive values of Y, quadrant two will have negative values of X and positive values of Y, quadrant three will have negative values of both and quadrant four will have positive values of X and negative values of Y. The point at which both of them will intersect will be referred to as the origin and the location of any point on the plane will be expressed by the pair of values which will be known as coordinates. The equation of the line can be into different kinds of forms like general form, slope-intercept form, intercept form of a line and various other kinds of things depending upon the overall scenario. There are differences with the formulas and theorems to be implemented and some of the very basic formulas are explained as follows associated with the coordinate geometry:

  • The distance formula: This can be described as the under the root of X square minus X1 whole square plus Y2 minus Y1 whole square.
  • Midpoint formula: Here the midpoint will be X1 plus X2/2, Y1 plus Y2/2.
  • Angle formula to find out the angle between two lines: Theta will be M1 minus M2/1+ M1 into M2
  • Section formula that will help in dividing a line into a particular ratio: When the ratio will be internal the formula will be MX2 plus NX1 upon M plus N, MY2 plus NY1 upon M plus N
  • When the ratio will be external then the formula will be MX2 minus NX1 upon M minus N, MY2 minus NY1 upon M minus N
  • Area of triangle formula: Half into X1 into Y2 minus Y3 plus X2 into Y3 minus Y1 plus X3 into Y1 and minus Y2

 Hence, it is the responsibility of the students to enrol themselves on platforms like Cuemath because they will be taught all the above-mentioned concepts very clearly over such platforms so that they can become masters of coordinate geometry very easily.

How to be Clear About Coordinate Geometry?
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