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Top Mistakes to Avoid when Moving into a New Accommodation in Bangalore


There could be plenty of reasons for you to move to Bangalore whether it’s starting a new job or securing admission to your dream university, but in any case, moving to a new city and finding a new home for yourself is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. Stepping into a new accommodation after signing your lease can feel like starting a new chapter in your life. But as you know, with great power comes great responsibility (and if Spiderman says it, it must be true). And there’s no power quite like the freedom you get when you take up independent accommodation in one of the hostels or student apartments in a new city. But when you move to a new place for the first time, there’s a tendency to make some mistakes. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of common mistakes that you should avoid while moving into a flat or PG in Bangalore.

Forgetting that you Don’t own the Place

Moving into a new flat or having a hostel room of your own can create a new sense of independence and autonomy in you. And you might want to let that newfound independence play out in terms of your room decor. But it’s important to know that you don’t own the place that you’re renting. This means that as much as you want to knock down a wall or drill holes for shelves, you need to keep your landlord’s rules in mind. Keep a copy of your lease handy so that you know exactly what changes you can and can’t make. You’ll probably need prior approval if you want to paint or make upgrades to your space. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and ask your landlord’s permission before making any changes, as you don’t want to forfeit your deposit.

Rushing your Way through the Move

It’s easy to get so excited about moving to Bangalore that you feel like rushing your way through moving and unpacking. But it’s organisation and not speed that should be your priority. It’s okay if it takes you a few weeks to completely unpack and arrange your belongings. So, give yourself some time and follow a process. If you rush through this phase, you run the risk of forgetting something or damaging your belongings. What would be better is to create a schedule for yourself and to organize your things according to function or room. This will make unpacking a lot easier and increase your speed without leading to chances of damage.

Getting your Parents Involved

Look, if you’re renting a hostel or a flat for the first time, you’re probably going to be pretty young. And that means your parents are going to want to get involved with your moving decisions. Because no one does overprotective like Indian parents. And while it’s fine to involve your parents and friends in the moving process, like helping you pack, unpack and transport your belongings, try to handle the negotiations with your landlord by yourself. The reason is simple. You’re going to be living in the accommodation by yourself for the foreseeable future, not your parents. You need to build a working relationship with your landlord and ensure that you can handle all communication with them. So, be as independent as you claim to be every time your mother asks you to come home by ten and make your own decisions.


Over-Focusing on the Aesthetics

Step one was searching for a hostel near me. Step two was choosing the best hostel and moving in. So, step three has got to be decorating it to your Pinterest dream level, right? Well, not necessarily. Home decor items tend to be expensive. And as a student or young professional, you really don’t have a huge budget to blow on decoration. Instead of trying to match the aesthetics to Instagram-worthy perfection, focus on functionality first. You can easily take an incremental approach and add one new item to your room every week to get it to your dream aesthetic. But don’t drain your wallet all at once just after you move in.

Going Crazy with Design Choices

While we’re talking about design, we need to also discuss the livability factor of your new accommodation. If you go crazy about the aesthetics but ignore the functionality, your room won’t be a very comfortable space to be in. It’s good to familiarize yourself with some basic interior design principles so that you can give your accommodation a real edge. Hanging pictures at the correct height, maximizing natural lighting, and paying attention to design scale are tricks of the trade that you need to pick up through practice. When you’re choosing to buy furniture and items for your home, try to balance between aesthetics and utilities so that you can really maximize your space.

Forgetting the Essentials

Have you ever thought about everything that you need to survive? Well, if you’ve been living at home for a long time, you probably haven’t. But when you move to your own hostel or flat, you’ll be surprised at how many basics and essentials you need in order to live on your own. So, when you move, make sure you have your essentials ready and in place. We’re talking about bedding, clothes hangers, utensils, toiletries, and storage items. You don’t want to have to buy everything from scratch once you move to Bangalore, especially if you’re going to be moving again in a few years, so make sure that you can arrange to take as much with you as possible.

Trying to Wing it

If you leave all the planning and organizing to moving day, you’re going to be in a soup. Instead of trying to wing it or rely on spur-of-the-moment decisions, it’s best to stay as organized as possible. Start searching for your accommodation early and sign your rent agreement before you move in. Make sure you’re ready with the first month’s rent as well as the security deposit so that you don’t have any financial problems to worry about. Book your moving company well in advance so that you don’t have to pay rush prices. And talk to friends or family members who have moved to Bangalore before for their advice. You’re not alone.

That’s a wrap on our top tips to avoid mistakes while moving into new accommodation in Bangalore. We hope you find them useful and have a stress-free moving experience!

Top Mistakes to Avoid when Moving into a New Accommodation in Bangalore

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