How Much Does It Actually Cost to Wrap a Car?

Do you know how fast a car depreciates?

When you first drive a car off the lot, people already consider it used. It almost immediately loses around 9-11% of its original value.

After the first year, its value further drops by around 20%. It continues to depreciate by 15 to 25% each year until its first half-decade.

Do you want to increase your car value? Consider having it wrapped. Read on to learn how much it costs to wrap a car.

How Much It Costs to Wrap a Car?

Wrapping a car is a labor-intensive process. It is the primary factor contributing to car wrap prices. Expect at least $2,000 for a full wrap of a coupe or compact car.

For a sedan, the price is around $3,000, while a compact crossover starts at $3,500. A full-size SUV is more expensive at $4,000. Luxury cars can go as high as $10,000 or more.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Wrapping a Car

The prices above are only the average baseline car wrap prices. You may end up paying less or more depending on the following factors:

Car Make and Model

The larger your car, the more material you will use. The car wrap will also take longer to apply, making it more labor-intensive.

Your car design also matters. It’s easier to apply a wrap on flat surfaces, while curved or sharp ones require more time. It is the reason a Tesla is easier to work with than other cars.

The technician may remove various components to install the wrap. Some cars have hard-to-remove bumper covers, adding to the required labor and time.

It also means that cars with added parts, such as custom body kits, cost more to wrap. They usually have unique angles and creases, making the car shape more complex.

Which Part of the Car and Condition

You can enjoy the benefits of car wrap when experts apply it to the entire vehicle. However, it is not a requirement. Regardless of your reason, you can ask professionals to limit the wrapping to specific components.

For example, you can apply it to the hood or doors, lowering the price. Meanwhile, wrapping the car on the nose can protect it from chips.

Your car condition is also a factor in determining its cost. Consider fixing the dents and dings first since it shows through the wrapping. Also, it will not stick when your car has chipped or corroded paint.

Design and Type of Wrap

Wraps in standard colors are the least expensive. If you want to add a design, expect to pay more. Upgrading to a higher-quality material, such as Supreme Car Wraps, also leads to an increased price.

Find a Car Wrapping Professional Now

Some people choose to DIY to save on costs. However, the outcome is seldom successful.

If you want clean and beautiful results, find a professional to wrap a car instead. The costs might be higher, but the result is worth the splurge.

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How Much Does It Actually Cost to Wrap a Car?
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