3 Reasons to Use an Oxygen Training Mask

The world’s tallest mountain is 29,032 feet. Adventurers who dare to scale the mountain have to prepare themselves for the most extreme high altitude conditions.

Whether you’re interested in training at high altitudes or simply want to challenge your body, an oxygen training mask can be a great tool. The new technology gives athletes the ability to simulate intense training situations.

While the masks can be a tremendous workout tool, they’re not the right fit for everyone. To decide whether or not a high-altitude training mask is suitable for you, we’ve created this short guide.

What are the top benefits of using the elevated training mask? Read on to find out.

Hypoxia Creates Adaptation

There’s a lot of debate over the effectiveness of oxygen therapy. However, one thing’s for sure; an oxygen training mask allows you to use intermittent hypoxic fitness training. Oxygen masks are all about taking oxygen away.

Intermittent hypoxic training is a type of training similar to exercising in high altitudes. You’ll be giving your low body amounts of oxygen intermittently. But you have to be careful. If you cut down the oxygen too low for too long, it can be dangerous.

Similar to fasting. If you don’t fast enough, you won’t get the results you want. However, if you fast for too long, you’ll wind up doing damage.

Amazing Adaptations

Intermittent hypoxic training with oxygen masks can be excellent for chronic lung diseases. It can also be helpful for individuals who are dealing with bronchial asthma, hypertension, diabetes, or brain damage.

Let’s say, for instance, that somebody has Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Training with oxygen masks will help your body learn how to carry more oxygen. This will allow your body to deliver oxygen to areas of the brain and body that need it most.

You’ll also be able to increase your antioxidant network. When you put your body into a hypoxic state, it starts to rebound and begins creating antioxidants.

Hypoxic training also increases the number of mitochondria and the number of red blood cells. The size of your red blood cells will even increase. Your body will be able to carry more oxygen than ever before!

You’ll also be increasing the level of oxygen that your body’s tissues receive. That’s probably why these masks help with diabetes, asthma, and brain damage.

The masks also help decrease oxidative stress. Consistent training can also help you release excess calcium from red blood cells.

Improve your Sleep with Altitude Training

Are you getting enough sleep every night? Kids, teenagers, adults, and Senior citizens, all need different levels of sleep. The amount of sleep you need each night also relates to the level of activity you’re doing during the day.

Athletes need even more sleep so their bodies can heal and restore. However, the sleep has to be of good quality.

When you exercise with oxygen training or EWOT, you can potentially improve your sleep quality. There still needs to be research performed to fully understand the benefits of the mask. However, things are looking hopeful.

Don’t worry–you won’t be wearing the mask while you sleep. Instead, you’ll be pushing yourself further during your workout so that you can get a great night’s sleep every night. You’ll also be resetting the way your body thinks about its respiratory functions, so you can increase your oxygen intake.

When you push your body to its limits by working out with an oxygen mask, your muscles are going to need to rest. You’ll find it’s easier to get a restorative sleep after a quality workout.

Improve Strength and Stamina with Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy might also help you improve your strength and stamina. This can be great for weightlifting or endurance athletes. Runners and cyclists can also potentially benefit from elevation training masks.

While using the mask, you might notice a certain amount of dizziness. Slight discomfort or dizziness aren’t uncommon with elevation training masks. For some athletes, it’s barely noticeable, while others find it to be a significant challenge.

To minimize the amount of dizziness you feel, you’ll want to make sure you invest in a quality mask. For the best results, you’ll want to look for a mask that uses breathable materials.

Lady wearing mask

Breathable materials will give your skin the relief it needs during your vigorous lung workout. You’ll also need to find a mask with an excellent design that’s also comfortable. The mask should never limit your mobility, no matter how intense your workout gets.

The mask should also fit comfortably on your head, not bothering your face even after hours of training. If you take the time to find a suitable mask, it can last you for years.

It’s also helpful if the mask has various training levels. As you progress through your training, you can increase the level of difficulty. Having a wide range of challenges to build your stamina and strength will help you be the best athlete possible!

Workout Tips

Using different settings to restrict air, you’ll be able to simulate different altitudes. As you mimic the different amounts of oxygen you have at various altitudes, you’ll be challenging your respiratory system.

You might have 3 to 5 minutes where you’re breathing hypoxic air with increased levels of co2. Followed by 2 to 5 minutes of ambient air, where you’re breathing normally. This setup can help you push your body without stressing it out.

Is an Oxygen Training Mask Right for you?

After reading this article, do you think using an oxygen training mask is right for you? When used properly, these masks can be an excellent tool for improving your health.

They can potentially assist you with improving your lung capacity and workout performance. You’ll even be able to tackle different health issues, such as chronic lung diseases.

Reach out to your doctor today to determine if an elevated mask is suitable for you. Then start your new workout regime, so you can feel better sooner. For more ways to feel great, read another article.

3 Reasons to Use an Oxygen Training Mask
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