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4 Reasons to Shop with Vacuum HQ

Buying a vacuum can be a significant purchase for a couple of reasons. First, high-quality vacuums are relatively expensive, and when you’re spending a couple hundred dollars or more on something, you want it to meet your needs. Second, the vacuum is something you will use regularly, and you want it to perform perfectly every time. If you buy a vacuum marketed for use with pet hair, you expect it to pick up all of the pet hair every time you vacuum.

Vacuums have a history of being complicated to empty, heavy to lug around, and challenging to clean. Fortunately, vacuums have come a long way in the past few decades. They no longer have bags that are hard to remove and make a mess when removed. Most are lightweight, and some even run themselves. You can get a cordless vacuum that eliminates the need to move outlets as you clean your house. Vacuum HQ is a website designed to make choosing a vacuum simple.

Here are four reasons this website should be your go-to when buying a vacuum.


The website separates different vacuums into categories, so you don’t have to search for reviews on the type of vacuum you are interested in buying. You can go right to the section for a stick vacuum, upright vacuum, or robot vacuum, depending on what you are interested in buying. If you aren’t sure what you want to buy yet, you can look at each category to see what each type of vacuum is best for. For example, stick vacuums are noticeably lighter than upright vacuums, so if you need to carry your vacuum up and down the stairs frequently, you’ll want something that is lighter weight. Likewise, a robot vacuum is excellent when the carpeted space is on one level.



You can read extensive reviews on each vacuum. You can see if they come with a warranty and what it covers. You learn about the pros and cons of the brand and model and read about common problems other users have had with the vacuum. If you are interested in a specific attachment, you can see if the model you are interested in comes with the attachment or if you can buy it separately. The reviews provide an honest assessment of the product and details you won’t find in marketing material from the company.



You can look at Hoover models, the Edwards vacuum, the Shark vacuum, and various other brands and models to see which ones have the features you are looking for. Within each category, you can read a review comparing the specific vacuum models you are interested in buying. Reading detailed information about a product can get confusing; looking at a side-by-side comparison will make the similarities and differences more apparent.


Within each article are links that allow you to check prices and purchase information about the vacuum you are looking at. If you choose the vacuum you want to buy, you don’t have to do a separate online search for the vacuum. The review and comparison pages come with links, so you can check out prices and purchase the vacuum you chose.


Buying a vacuum is like buying an appliance. It may not sound like a significant investment or decision, but you will use it regularly, and having a vacuum that doesn’t perform the way you need it to is insanely frustrating. Most people don’t enjoy cleaning, so you want the process to be as easy as possible, and the right vacuum can make a massive difference in the cleaning process.

4 Reasons to Shop with Vacuum HQ

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