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Post Laser Eye Surgery Care- All you Need to Know

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If only you had a fairy godmother to make those thick glasses disappear and bless you with the power of naturally clear sight with a swish of her wand, life would have been much kinder. But medical science has come close to it with its magical laser eye surgery.

The procedure is completely safe and highly beneficial. It takes barely minutes to be completely performed, and is free of pain as well! Over 90% of patients undergoing laser eye surgery achieve perfect 6/6 vision.

Read on to find out different tips and crucial things you should know for after-care post your laser eye surgery.

A 9-Pointer Guide to Post-Laser Eye Surgery Care

Follow your Surgeon’s Instructions to the Letter

After laser eye surgery, your surgeon will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions and other restrictions. Proper healing and recovery are guaranteed if you stringently follow these guidelines.

Give your Eyes Adequate Rest

It’s crucial to relax your eyes and allow them enough time to heal. Clear out your schedule, and lead a relaxed lifestyle till you are completely healed.

Take your Medicines and Eye Drops Exactly as Directed

Follow your eye surgeon’s instructions regarding prescribed drugs or eye drops carefully. Do not stop using them unless your surgeon instructs you otherwise.

Ditch All Electronic Devices

For at least 24-48 hours after surgery, you must turn off the phone, television and avoid using the computer. Video screens can cause dryness and strain in the eyes. Even after this period, you would have to continue using lubricating eye drops until your eyes have healed completely.

Don UV-Protection Sunglasses

Your eyes will naturally be sensitive after surgery, similar to when they are chemically dilated. You should avoid bright light outside and inside until your eyes heal.

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Do not Work Out or Indulge in Sports

Post-op healing requires complete body rest, and physical exertion will not help the case, Skip those gym classes and sports.

Take a Sponge Bath Instead of a Shower

You can take a bath but not a shower after surgery since the water and steam jets are harmful to your eye. Similarly, you should also avoid swimming pools and saunas.

Refrain from Letting Irritants into the Eyes

After your laser eye surgery, you should avoid wearing eye makeup for at least one week. Also, stay away from places with high pollen count, smoke, or dust particles.

Attend All Follow-Up Appointments Religiously

The day after your operation, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled. Another follow-up roughly one month after surgery is normal, as is another at the 6-month mark. These check-ups closely monitor the progress of healing to ensure it’s going smoothly.

To Conclude

Like any surgery, you should always heed your doctor’s directions to avoid complications in case of laser eye surgery. The procedure might be uncomplicated, take just about three minutes to be performed, and is minimally invasive, but it requires stringent post-op care.

The surgery is becoming increasingly advanced with the introduction cutting-edge technology in the field, and has a relatively quick and short recovery period.

However, it is essential to adhere to the must-follow steps for efficient healing. Being apprised of what kind of follow-up care you need will help you achieve the perfect results with minimal effort!

Post Laser Eye Surgery Care- All you Need to Know

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