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What’s the Best Roof for Solar Panels?

solar panel sheets on the house roof

Investing in solar panels for roof materials will help you power your home with energy that is virtually infinite. It accounts for 46% of new electrical power technology in the United States today.

When you’re considering making the switch to solar, you must learn as much as you can about both the process and the materials involved. We’re happy to provide answers.

Keep reading to learn more about finding the best roof for solar panels.

What is the Best Roof for Solar Panels?

Shopping for the best roof solar panels will help you get the most from your home energy and roofing. Solar energy is made possible thanks to panels that attract sun rays, and then convert the rays to electricity that your home can use.

These panels are made out of thin-film, monocrystalline, or polycrystalline panels. Since the panels attach to the roof, your choice in roofing is every bit as important.

Here are some points you should consider when choosing the best roof for your solar panels:

The Material that the Roof is Made From

There are a variety of roofing materials that are great for solar panel installations. Asphalt, seam metal roofing, and tile are among the best available.

These roofing materials are the easiest to install and work well with solar panels. They’re excellent from an aesthetic standpoint and are also durable. You can improve your property values by installing excellent roof materials and pairing them with solar panels.

In addition to the material, consider the following features:

  • The slope and shape of the roof
  • The pitch of the roof
  • The design and the way that the roof orients with the rest of your home
  • The amount of shade that your roof has
  • The way that the roof mounts to your home

Study the roofing industry to learn more about which material and roof type is best for your household.

Find a Quality Solar Panel Company

Look for the best solar panel provider that you can find. By taking the time to research solar pros that you trust to do excellent work, you’ll also get recommendations on which roofing types are ideal.

What’s the Best Roof for Solar Panels

Find professionals that belong to organizations such as the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) so that you can vet their knowledge, experience, and reputation.

Companies like Blue Raven Solar provide quality solar power to people all over.

Consider the Cost of Installing Solar Panels

When you’re considering solar panel installation, you have to also factor in the cost of the work. This means breaking down the labor and cost of the panels. You might pay more or less depending on the work involved with attaching the panels to the roofing material.

For instance, asphalt roofing may require drilling, while metal roofs allow you to install solar panels drill-free. Get about three different cost estimates so that you can create a budget that works for you.

Make the Move to Solar

Finding the best roof for solar panels is essential whenever you’d like to make the switch to solar. This is an investment into your home and your life that will keep paying off.

What’s the Best Roof for Solar Panels?

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