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Surfs Up: 4 Tips for Using a Boogie Board

Surfs Up 4 Tips for Using a Boogie Board

Going to the beach offers several ways to have fun in the water. One of the most famous water activities is surfing. Surfers often describe the feeling of riding a wave as beyond belief. Unfortunately, not all beaches offer good waves for surfing. However, there are other ways to ride a wave to shore.

One way to do this is riding a boogie board. Boogie boards allow riders to lay in the water and ride waves to the shore. Boogie boarding is often a fun alternative to regular surfing. The question is, how do you get started?

If that’s what you’re wondering, you’re in luck! We’ll give you four pro tips on how to boogie board in the guide below.

Find a Boogie Board in the Right Size

Boogie boards are roughly half the height of their riders. So, different sizes exist for children and adults.

Finding the best boogie boards starts with finding one that suits your height. So, hold your prospective boogie board close to your body. Stand the board on its tail end. The board should reach close to your belly button. This method may not be 100% accurate, but it usually works for first-time buyers.

Also, please note that boogie boards often seem similar to bodyboards. There are some slight differences, which you can learn about in this article.

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Wax your Boogie Board

Sticking to your board is essential when trying to ride a wave. You won’t ride a wave well if it forces you from your position on the board.

Fortunately, waxing your board can protect you from this threat. Adding wax helps your body stick close to the board. Your chances of getting knocked loose drastically decrease.

From there, you can focus on navigating your board when the wave comes. Focus on waxing the nose of your board (the topmost portion) and the top left and right sides. This way, you can increase your grip strength.

Consider Using a Wetsuit

Wetsuits may not be necessary for amateur boarders. However, they are a necessity for anybody getting serious about boogie boarding.

Wetsuits serve several purposes. First, they help you stick close to your board without losing your position. Second, they protect your body from harmful UV rays.

This UV protection ensures you don’t become sunburned while boogieboard surfing. Finally, wetsuits make it more comfortable to boogie board in cold water.

Use your Boogie Board Leash

Every boogie board includes a “leash” that riders can strap to their arm or wrist. This ensures that you don’t become separated from your board in rough surf.

This leash is a critical step asset for riders. Every rider should wear it at all times while in the water, especially younger ones.

Find the Best Place to Practice

These boogie board tips can help you find the best board and start boarding. So, all that’s left is to find the best place to practice. It’s usually best to start riding white water waves in the beginning. This tactic gives you an idea of what a proper wave feels like when you’re about to ride. Once you master these, move on to knee-height waves.

From there, you can head out into the deeper blue for bigger and better waves! Soon, you’ll understand the excitement of riding waves that all surfers love.

Surfs Up: 4 Tips for Using a Boogie Board

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