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What is the Best Season for Hair Transplant

When to undergo the operation plays an important role for those who decide to have a hair transplant. The essential thing at this point is that the weather conditions should not be extreme. Being exposed to weather conditions like extreme cold or extreme hot after your transplantation will most likely slow down or even prevent your healing process. You should also bear in mind that when the best season to have a hair transplant is discussed, it does not refer to the place where it is performed. It refers to where the patient will spend his recovery process, therefore the weather conditions being different from place to place is not of importance because you will know the weather where you will be spending your recovery stage.

Is Summer a Good Time for a Hair Transplant?

The summer season is not an optional time for hair transplant in Istanbul. You should consider hair transplant in Turkey, especially in Istanbul because of the professionals that reside there and the medical tourism asset of Istanbul. The heat waves during summer cause sweating and disturb the hair-transplanted area. It is also very important not to touch the hair transplant area after the operation. Since it will be almost impossible not to touch the hair transplant area after sweating to dry it during summer, if you plan to spend your recovery stage in a hot place, experts recommend you not to do it in summer. Moreover, the sea and the beach are not good after hair transplantation. Swimming in the sea will most likely prevent the success of your hair transplant. Therefore, if you are planning a vacation for the summer, you should make sure that your hair transplant will take place after your vacation.

What does the Right Timing mean in Terms of Post-hair Transplant?

One of the most critical factors affecting the success of the hair transplantation operation is the rules that need to be applied after the operation. If you do not follow the rules explained by your doctor after hair transplantation, the results of your hair transplantation might be seriously damaged. There are rules that you need to consider after hair transplantation, such as resting for the first few days or not swimming in salted water after your operation.

When it comes to choosing the right time for hair transplantation, it is very important to choose a time period where the rules specified by the doctor could be followed comfortably after hair transplantation.

hair transpiration

There are certain points that should be considered when choosing the time of hair transplantation:

  • You should select a day when you can rest afterward since after the hair transplantation, you will need to rest for at least 3 days and protect your head from any outer impact.
  • You need to choose a time period when you can stay away from the sea or the beach since both are prohibited for at least 3 months after the transplantation. This prohibition is because the sea damages the hair follicles, and being on the beach causes your newly planted hair follicles to be airless.

In conclusion, even though hair transplantation can be done in any season of your choice, the most suitable time, the experts argue, is spring. During spring, your hair transplant are will not be exposed to extreme hot or cold and will not be rained on.

What is the Best Season for Hair Transplant

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