Must-Have Dab Tools for Marijuana Users

At least 58% of cannabis users say they have tried dabbing at least once, making the method of smoking concentrates a hobby all its own.

However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of a dab you need to use the right equipment, and there are many.

Learn about all the ways to enhance your dabbing experience with these essential dab tools.

The Rig

One of your main dabbing essentials is a type of smoking device called a rig. These are typically glass devices that look similar to a bong, however, they are specially designed to incinerate marijuana concentrates.

Rigs have also evolved into vaporizers such as pens and larger electric vapor rigs. But, both types use similar designs.

Rig Components

Dabbing cannabis requires a little finesse since concentrates are more delicate and need high heat to transform into vapor. Here is what you need for your rig to work.

A Nail

The first thing a rig needs is a nail to place the dab on the device. This is also the area where you will apply the heat to melt the dab.

Think of the nail as the bowl of your rig that connects to the downward pipe before it gets filtered and goes back up into your mouth. A nail can either have a dome accessory to trap the heat and smoke inside or it can simply have a larger nail dish surrounded by a carb cap. The carb cap is lifted after you take a hit to clear the rig, just like a bong.

A Peculator

The other main feature of a rig is the percolator. Also similar to a bong, the “perc” creates a filtering system using a bubbling action. There are several styles of percolators that you can choose from including helix, discs, showerheads, and tree designs.

Heat Source

Lastly, you need a heat source included in your dab accessory toolbox. If you do not have an electronic vape then you need a torch, which comes in either butane or propane. A lighter will not work since you need to heat the nail until it turns red and a lighter is too weak.

Handling Tools

Handling your concentrates also requires different methods than flower. The best dab tool that you must have is something to transfer your product.

This is called a dabber, which looks like a long stick with a flat head. They usually come in glass or metal, while some include a carb cap on one end for convenience.

Dabbers also have varying head shapes for different tasks. For example, cutters and scoopers are used for separating the concentrate and picking it up to dab.

Other Accessories

Some other dab tools for wax that you at find at HighProfile include cleaning and storage items.

To clean your rig and accessories you will need a cleaning solution, pipe cleaners, and cotton wipes. You may find cleaning kits just for dabbing that include all these essentials.

Storing your concentrates is also tricky. Therefore, you need silicone or glass containers that help maintain proper temperatures and do not allow the dabs to stick to the surface.

A silicon mat is also useful for dividing your wax and preparing it for a dab.

Dab Tools Make Dabbing Easy

Dabbing is a unique experience that should be tried by any cannabis enthusiast, but it does require dab tools to do it right. Be sure to have everything you need before setting off on your dabbing journey.

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Must-Have Dab Tools for Marijuana Users
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