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5 Signs you Need New Brakes


Did you know that there are around 6.75 million car crashes each year? Some of the biggest causes of car crashes include distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, and mechanical failures.

If you want to prevent a car crash, you should make sure your car brakes are in good shape. Not taking care of your breaks can result in an accident, expensive repairs, and damage to other parts of your car.

What are some signs that you need new brakes? Keep reading to learn how to tell you need brakes.


If you notice your brakes squeaking, it could be time to get new brakes. Many types of modern brake pads have a built-in indicator that squeaks when the brake pad wears down.

If your brakes are squeaking, don’t panic. There is nothing wrong with your brakes, but you should take your car to a mechanic to get new brake pads.


Are your brakes grinding? If so, you may need new brakes. Grinding often happens after your brakes have been squeaking for a while, but you procrastinated on getting them fixed.

If you notice a grinding sound coming from your brakes, that probably means that the brake pads are completely worn, and the caliber is rubbing against the disc. When this happens, you may need your rotors turned or replaced.


Another sign that you should have your breaks checked by a mechanic is if you notice your vehicle pulling to one side while slowing down. This can happen when your brake pads aren’t wearing down at the same rate.

It’s uncommon for brake pads to wear down at different rates, and it could be a sign that there is something wrong with your hydraulics system.

Make sure you get this problem fixed immediately because uneven brake pads can affect your steering and vehicle suspension.

Poor Responsiveness

If your car is taking a long time to stop, that is another sign that you need new brakes. As the brakes on your car get older, they gradually lose their ability to create friction, making it harder to stop.

Not only is this dangerous, but it can affect other parts of your car. Some common causes of your brakes becoming less responsive include problems with the hydraulic lines or brake fluid.

If you want to improve the responsiveness of your brakes, performance parts accessories can help.

Brake Warning Light

man wiring the Brakes

Because brakes diminish over time, it can be hard to notice changes in your vehicle’s brakes. One of the best ways to tell if you need new brakes is the brake warning light.

Many issues can turn the brake warning light on, so take your car to a mechanic to diagnose the problem.

Does Your Car Need New Brakes?

Taking care of your car’s brakes is important to prevent accidents, improve safety, and reduce expensive repairs. If you notice squeaking, grinding, pulling, bad responsiveness, or warning lights, it’s time to get new brakes.

5 Signs you Need New Brakes

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