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How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

About 36% of the workforce today consists of freelancers. It’s a pursuit that allows you to be your own boss and earn income on your terms. Freelance writing could be your ticket to another tax bracket.

What is freelance writing? You write content for a company or brand as an independent contractor, rather than as an employee. If writing is your talent and area of interest, there are endless freelance writing opportunities you can take advantage of.

Keep reading to learn how to find freelance writing jobs that will pay off.

Learn Your Craft

Your first order of business is to become the best writer you can be. Put the practice in, take courses, and read the information that’ll help you sharpen your professional writing skills. Here are some concepts that you’ll want to master on your road to becoming a freelance writer:

  • The importance of action-oriented language and word choices
  • Understanding the Attention Interest Desire Action (AIDA) intro
  • Writing solid calls to action (CTA) that convert sales and grow profits
  • Avoiding passive language and grammatical errors
  • Learn language rules and punctuation

Freelance writing jobs are strictly independent contractor agreements, so you’ll need to come to the job prepared and developed already.

Set Your Rates and Processes

Once you learn the ropes, it’s time to find out how much you want to get paid. First, calculate your living expenses and how much you need to earn to take care of yourself. Reverse engineer it by your ideal workweek hours, and use this information to calculate your hourly rate.

Take your hourly rate and figure out how much time your processes take. For instance, a 500-word blog post might take you about an hour. Apply some freelance writing tips that will help you optimize your writing and get the most out of your work weeks.

Search Freelance Job Databases

Start hitting the job sites and freelance project boards so that you can see what kinds of opportunities are available. Keep in mind that you’re a contractor and not an employee, so only sign on to terms that you agree with.

There are many companies that also staff large pools of freelance writers. You’ll be able to earn a quality salary by choosing which topics you write about. Learn everything you can about this company to maximize your efforts and drum up fresh new business.

Join Organizations and Market Yourself


Always set aside time in your weeks to find new clients. This requires you to market yourself across all the major outlets. Purchase some Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements, master your search engine optimization (SEO), print up some business cards and attend professional events.

You can also join professional organizations that can put you in touch with business contacts and new clients. These organizations hold seminars that can give you further freelance writing advice to build the best career.

Learn How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

These tips will help you out when you’re learning how to find freelance writing jobs. The sky is the limit with how much you can earn, so give yourself a shot at success by filling up your client calendar.

Let this freelance writing guide get you started toward a dream career path. Start here and rely on our articles when you need to learn more about entrepreneurship and business.

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

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