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5 Important Driver Safety Tips

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Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death in people aged five to 29. And millions more vulnerable road users suffer life-changing injuries due to poor driving.

Despite the obvious harm they inflict, motor vehicles are necessary and here to stay. So the best way to allow pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers to co-exist is to practice safe driving.

But what exactly can you do on your part to improve road safety? These driver safety tips will help you start your new safe driving journey.

Remove All Potential Distractions

You know it’s illegal and unsafe to use your phone while driving. But if you keep it close by in a holder and you hear a notification, sometimes you cannot help yourself.

So, one of the best driver safety tips is to remove all distractions and temptations. Keep your phone in your handbag or glove compartment while you are driving. Better yet, turn it off.

You also shouldn’t eat or drink while you drive, and fussy kids can be a distraction too. Pull over in a safe place whenever you feel hungry or things are getting too heated in the backseat.

Practice Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a style of driving that helps lessen your chances of getting into a car accident or causing harm to other road users. It’s the practice of assuming other road users will make mistakes and so you keep alert.

Always look ahead for hazards and watch all vehicles on either side of yours. In the unlikely event that you are in a car accident that isn’t your fault, learn about filing an insurance claim and getting a first settlement offer.

Be Wary of Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions make driving much more dangerous. When it’s wet, always use the appropriate windscreen wiper setting and drive slower. And when it’s snowing, only drive if you have the right tires and your vehicle can handle the snow.

Consider taking public transport instead of driving on bad weather days.

Wear a Seatbelt and Use Booster Seats

One of the most essential driving tips is to wear a seatbelt at all times. But did you know booster seats also save lives and they’re not only for kids?

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Children should use booster seats until they are around 12 years only and over four and a half feet tall. But if you drive a large van or RV, you may also need one too to improve visibility.

Make Regular Eyesight Appointments

Often when your eyesight deteriorates a little, you don’t notice. But that means you might be an unsafe driver without even realizing you are! Make regular appointments with your ophthalmologist to ensure your eyesight is a-okay.

If it’s not, always wear glasses or contact lenses when you drive.

Stay in the Right Lane with these Driver Safety Tips

Learning how to be a good, safe driver does not stop when you get your license. But as long as you keep learning new driver safety tips and put them into practice, you’ll be doing your part to help keep the roads safe.

5 Important Driver Safety Tips

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