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What are the Main Types of Cyber Attacks?

What Are the Main Types of Cyber Attacks

Did you know that more than 212 million people in the United States of America were affected by the different types of cyber attacks in 2021? The biggest key to preventing cyber attacks is understanding what causes them and what you can do to bolster your online security.

There are tons of cybersecurity tips out there that you should try to follow if you want to keep your information safe from people that wish you harm. The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn how to prevent cyber attacks going forward.

Keep reading this article to learn about the many types of cyber attacks to protect yourself from today!

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are one of the simplest and most common types of cyber attacks to look out for. They happen when hackers send you an innocuous email that seems legitimate and want you to download or click a file. You get tricked into giving the hacker access to your network and any information that you have on your device.

The best way to prevent phishing attacks is by being vigilant and careful about what you download and click on when it comes to emails. Pay extra close attention to the headers of these emails.


Ransomware works by making its way onto your device or your network and locking you out of it. From there, your information is held hostage unless you’re willing to pay a ransom to the hacker. Once you send the hacker the money, they’ll send you the information and the steps that you need to get your device and its files back.

Ransomware works by sending a file through email or tricking the target to download it from a website. It’s meant to gain access to your system by using vulnerabilities that haven’t been patched or addressed yet. Check out this link if you need some help with your online security.

Educate Employees About Cybersecurity Risks

Trojan Horses

Trojan horses have been around for a long time, and they work in the same fashion as the fabled Trojan Horse from the Trojan War way back when. It tricks the target by getting them to accept a file or program that looks like one thing but is a trap. From there, the hacker gains access to your device or network.

If you’re not on top of your cybersecurity tips then you’re ripe for getting targeted with a trojan horse cyber attack. Ignore or decline any applications that try to get you to download them onto your device.

Now you Know the Main Types of Cyber Attacks

There are many types of cyber attacks out there, with more getting added with each passing day. Following cybersecurity tips is a great way to take your online security to new levels, but you also need to know what to look for if you’re planning on preventing cyber attacks on your devices. Avoid clicking on documents or downloading files that you don’t recognize for the best results.

What are the Main Types of Cyber Attacks?

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