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Cruise Packing Tips: Tips for what to Pack and what to Leave Behind

Cruise Packing Tips Tips for What To Pack and What To Leave Behind

Deciding on a cruise is an exciting process, but the hard work is not over once you make the booking. You then have to face packing, which 62% of people find stressful. So, how can you make cruise packing smooth sailing?

There is no one packing list for cruises, as there are many different factors to consider. Cruises for adults, the specific cruise ship, activities, destinations, and your cruise ship dining are all factors to consider when packing.

However, there are some general cruise packing tips to help. Read on to learn what to pack and what to leave behind on your next cruise.

Create a List

Before you begin to pack, create a packing list. A checklist is one of the best cruise packing tips to stay organized and rule out certain items before starting. Your cruise ship may provide some suggestions, but check the weather forecast for the locations you plan to visit, and remember to bring some layers for sea days.

Know the Dress Code

Millions of people go on cruises every year, and numbers continue to increase post-2020. However, every cruise is different, and some cruise ships have a dress code.

A formal dress code may just apply to the cruise ship dining times, but it is best to check what items you need to bring on cruises for adults and other specialist cruises. For example, with a smart casual dress code, avoid wearing swimwear, baseball caps, and casual day clothes during the evening.

Check the Activities

Are there specific activities you want to try? Knowing if you need to bring certain items for activities and destinations can help you pack more efficiently.

Check the Activities

For example, you might want to bring hiking boots or a scarf to enter religious locations. Check cruisehive.com for information about cruises and what to expect.

Pack the Necessities

Have a day pack with your valuable items, including your passport, insurance documents, medications, camera, cruise tickets, and a credit card or cash for onboard spending. Check your cruise accepts debit cards. You might want to pack swimwear and other items you will need before cabin check-in.

Also, remember to pack any guidebooks, a backpack for exploring, adaptors for power points, entertainment, and chargers for electronics. Some people find earplugs and eye masks helpful too. Your cruise ship will have first aid, but you can pack a personal kit too.

What to Leave

You do not need to worry about packing beach towels, hair dryers, shampoo, and body wash. Most cruise ships provide these items, bathrobes, and other items to make you comfortable.

Also, leave behind alcoholic beverages, candles, incense, coffee makers, illegal drugs, and weapons. Your specific cruise ship will advise on other restrictions.

Follow these Cruise Packing Tips

Packing for a cruise does not have to be stressful if you follow these cruise packing tips. Stick on your favorite music or information about the destinations you are visiting to get excited. If you have any uncertainties about packing, you can also contact your cruise ship directly for advice.

Have fun!

Cruise Packing Tips: Tips for what to Pack and what to Leave Behind

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