6 Firearm Safety Tips for Beginners

There are 393 million gun owners in the United States. It is essential that all of these gun owners know the basics of firearm safety.

Responsible gun ownership is the best way to protect gun rights and ensure those around you feel safe and comfortable. Remember that even though guns can be fun, they are not toys. They are extremely powerful weapons that you must use with caution.

Before you buy a firearm you need to know these 6 essential gun safety tips.

1. Always Keep the Firearm Pointed in a Safe Direction

If you’re the recent owner of a new firearm, remember to always keep it pointed in a safe direction. The muzzle of the gun should never point toward something you do not intend to shoot.

This is especially important when loading or unloading the firearm. It’s also important during firearm cleaning.

Keep in mind that bullets may ricochet. You should always point them in a direction away from anyone or anything that is not intended as a target.

2. Assume the Firearm Is Always Loaded

You should treat every single firearm as if it is fully loaded. If someone tells you the chamber is empty, you should always check the firearm for itself.

It is an important habit to check the gun every single time you use it. Always handle firearms as if they could be potentially dangerous.

3. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger

Until it’s time to use the firearm, your finger should be off of the trigger. Wait until you are properly aimed at your target before touching the trigger.

Never assume that just because the safety is on, you’re in the clear. Remember that safeties can and do malfunction.

Accidental discharges are common. Keeping your finger away from the firearm helps to prevent them.

4. Pay Attention to the Target

Look closely at your target and survey the area behind it. Once you’ve fired the gun, you cannot stop the bullet from impact. Be sure that you’re aiming at the right thing.

Remember that bullets may be able to injure things behind the target, as well. Pay close attention to where you are shooting.

5. Perform Proper Firearm Maintenance

Firearm maintenance is essential for safe firearm handling. The proper firearm care ensures that the gun will function as intended, greatly reducing the risk of devastating accidents.

You should also avoid altering your gun, as this can endanger both you and everyone around you. You can check with your gun’s manufacturer to determine when servicing is required.

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6. Always Wear Protective Gear

Your eyes and ears are essential for safe shooting. Unfortunately, they are easily damaged with improper gun use.

Wearing ear plugs and protective goggles can prevent serious damage from occurring to your vital organs. Remember, firearms are not perfect, and malfunctions may occur that damage your eyes. Plus, the loud shots of guns can cause irreversible hearing damage.

Always Practice Firearm Safety

Firearm safety is an essential part of being a responsible gun owner. Always treat your guns as the weapons they are. Remember, they are not toys and you should not treat them as such.

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6 Firearm Safety Tips for Beginners
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