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7 Long Term Health Issues Caused by a Car Accident

car accident

In an unfortunate event one gets involved in a car accident, there are many long-term effects on health that they may experience.

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s important to recognize the potential long-term effects and take action to reduce the risk of injury. These injuries can often be minimized by following the guidance of your physician and with appropriate physiotherapy.

Spinal Cord Injury

This is the most severe injury in terms of long-term effects on health. Following an accident, a person may experience a spinal cord injury. This will result in complete or incomplete damage to the central nervous system. Damage to this system can lead to partial or complete loss of sensation and movement and bowel and bladder control problems. These injuries often require surgery to decompress the spinal cord and relieve pressure on it.

Head Injuries

A head injury is a typical result of a car accident and can sometimes occur even when the vehicle has stopped moving. If the accident involves severe impact (for example, a rollover or high-speed impact), it can result in internal injuries to the head. These are often devastating and not always immediately evident. In addition to internal bleeding, they may cause damage to the brain itself and surrounding tissue. Head injuries will disrupt normal brain function resulting in cognitive problems, memory loss, and difficulty with concentration, coordination, and speech.

Fractured Bones


A fracture is an injury to a bone that requires it to be set or stabilized. Fractures can occur in any bone and may range from mild to severe. They can also occur in many places (i.e., multiple sites) simultaneously, known as complex fractures. Sometimes bones are broken but not displaced; in this case, they may not be splinted or set but often still need physiotherapy to regain strength and stability.

Back Injury

Back pain is often the result of a car accident. A back injury can be mild or severe and usually requires physiotherapy to relieve pain and treat any associated damage. Sometimes an injury will occur with minimal trauma (i.e., a minor accident) that may cause back problems afterward. Experienced car accident attorneys at Hughey Law Firm will always ensure the best advice is given to recover the maximum compensation for any injury sustained in a car accident.

Internal Organs Damage

Any body part can be damaged or injured during an accident and cause internal damage. The most common areas that suffer internal damage include the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. These injuries are often painful and may leave permanent damage.

Impact on the Brain

Depression, anxiety, stress, and personality changes are ubiquitous. The majority of these problems can be reversed with rehabilitation programs. However, some may not be. Psychological effects generally get worse with time if left untreated, and long-term problems can exacerbate other injuries and conditions.

Skin Injuries

Injuries to the skin are typical of a car accident and include cuts, abrasions, bruising and possible extensive burns. If the skin is cut, any remaining fragments can become embedded in the tissue and begin to fester. If this type of wound is severe or extensive, it will require surgical care to remove the embedded fragments.

7 Long Term Health Issues Caused by a Car Accident
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