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Things to do in Acadia National Park when it Rains

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Do you hate it when it rains while you are in a park?

You will not feel the same once you experience one of the rainy days at the Acadia National Park.

It is a gorgeous park, and rain enhances its beauty. There is so much you can do there without feeling bummed by the sudden rainfall.

We have compiled a list of fun things to do in Acadia National Park when it rains. Let’s have a look.

Where to Enjoy Rain in the National Acadia Park?

The Acadia National Park is divided into three main regions besides Bar Harbor. Two of them are islands, while only one is on the mainland.

Schoodic Peninsula

It is part of Acadia National Park on the mainland. It is less busy because of its location across the central part.

Mount Desert Island

Mount Desert Island is the park’s main and most popular area. It has the most attractive regions and activities.

Isle au Haunt

It is a distant island that requires a ferry ride. You can find the ferry at Stonington to take you to Isle au Haunt.

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is well-known for its food, and many people proceed to it after an eventful day at MDI or the islands.

What to do in Acadia National Park when it Rains?

Most people go to the Acadia National Park to enjoy a hike on one of their trails. However, it is not advised to opt for a hike during the rainy season as some slopes have rocks that can be quite slippery after or during rain. There is so much more to do besides hiking at the Acadia National Park, like:

Go to the Visitor’s Center

If you are going to Acadia National Park for the first time, do not miss the Visitor’s center. It provides information about the park’s history, animals, plants, and geology. The free-of-charge ranger-led programs are also excellent to understand the park history and details of animals and plants. Reserving a spot there is better, so you do not have to wait a long time for your turn.

Visit the Seal Harbor Library

What’s better than a book and a cup of coffee on a rainy day for a book lover!

The national park has several library options for people who enjoy reading on rainy days. Nothing is better than books, a cozy environment, and rain hitting the ground!

You can locate the Seal Harbor library on the hill above the Seal Harbor bitch. It is open Monday to Saturday during Summer. You can visit anytime between 9 am to 12 pm except for Thursday when the library is open from 3.30 pm to 6 pm.

Isleford Historical Museum

Historical Museum

The Isleford Historical museum is the perfect spot for you if you like engaging in the area’s history. The museum depicts the history of the Cranberry Isles from 1927 and displays fishing tools and utensils from the day back. The museum entry is free, yet you can make donations to make history accessible to more visitors. You can visit the museum anytime between June and September. Though, the timings may vary.

The Sound Schoolhouse

The Sound Schoolhouse is a unique and interesting place for history lovers invested in understanding the history of educational means in the region. The Mount Desert Island (MDI) Historical Society operates the school as a historical representation. The antiquity of the school goes back to 1892, when it started as a school, until 1926. It became a community center for as long as 1999 and was later restored by the Mount Desert Island Historical Society. You can look into the way of education decades ago. Plan your visit between Monday and Friday if you wish to visit the Sound Schoolhouse at Acadia National Park.

Try a Boat Tour

How can we miss a boat ride on the list of all the things to do in Acadia National park when it rains! A boat tour is one of the best ways to see the park. The national park has a variety of options, including paddleboards and kayaks. Enjoy a self-guided look around or a rented tour with a local guide. You can opt for a short or long tour per your choice.

If you have never experienced a boat ride at the Acadia National Park during rain, we suggest you do it at least once!

Take a Walk on the Bridge

Hiking might not be the best idea during rain, but nobody is stopping you from walking across the bridges. Looking down from the bridges gives you beautiful scenery you might otherwise miss.

Experience a Tram Ride

Do not miss a tram ride to see the Atlantic Ocean while you are at the Acadia National park. You can find a tram anytime between 9 am and 5 pm. The beautiful Atlantic Ocean views are enough to make you forget the rain.


Where is the Acadia National Park?

The Acadia National park is located in the mid-section of the Maine coast along Bar Harbor in the United States.

What is so Special about Acadia National Park?

The Acadia National Park is considered the first national park along the Mississippi River. Visitors can enjoy hiking, camping, biking, boating, and tram rides along with the breathtaking views.

What to take to the Park with you?

As you may experience a nice rain shower, you may want to carry a light or heavy rain coat depending on the season. Waterproof hiking boots are also essential to ensure you can enjoy exploring the park instead of slipping off the slopes. Besides personal care, a waterproof bag can be immensely helpful in keeping electronics and valuables safe. You can also carry snacks and coats in the bag.

What can you do in Acadia National Park when it Rains?

You can opt for a boat or tram ride to experience the serenity of the ocean. Alternatively, tourists also opt for museums and libraries in the region for a calm, quiet day while they explore the park’s history.

Things to do in Acadia National Park when it Rains

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