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Morry Rubin’s Net Worth

Morry Rubin's

Morry Rubin is a famous name in the mortgage financing business. We all know that people in the mortgage business play in millions. Do you also wonder about the net worth of Morry Rubin, the CEO of Anchor Funding Service? We have all the information you need. Let us tell you about Morry’s business, shares, net worth, and everything else.

Who is Morry Rubin?

Morry Rubin is the CEO of Anchor Funding Services. AFS is among Southern California’s highly recognized and successful privately owned mortgage companies. He has stakes in Anchor Funding as well as other companies, which allows him to make a fortune out of it. He had a vision for the company he is currently living in.

Besides mortgage, he also worked with artists like Dixie Chicks in 1991 to produce all Red Hot Chili Peppers’ albums between 1991 and 2011. His work on Slayer’s “Reign In Blood” album led him to the Grammy Awards for Producer Of The Year. He also produced “Electric” in 1987 and directed many movies like “Tougher than Leather,” etc.

Morry Rubin’s Net Worth

Morry Rubin net worth is around $12,160,000,000. His position and shares in Anchor Funding Services contribute to his wealth significantly. He has over 4,015,500 shares of Anchor Funding Services, Inc. He purchased around 500,000 more company shares in 2008, adding approximately $110,000 to his overall worth. Morry did not make this money overnight. He has given years to the company to gain experience and take AFS to heights.

Morry has stakes in the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ers. He also has some shares in Crystal Palace FC. Furthermore, Morry is also the co-head of Columbia Records. All these income sources have allowed Morry to brag about a healthy net worth after years of hard work. However, his wealth and success are not as well-known as many other celebrities.

More Information about Anchor Funding Service

Anchor Funding Company, LLC was established by Kevin Lyons in the early 2000s. It is a financial services company that offers different facilities to its customers. Anchor Funding Services is the most popular private mortgage service provider in Southern California. Their loans vary from $80,000 to 5 million dollars according to the client’s preference. Their services and loyal customer base have brought over $7 million to the company. Anchor Funding has become successful by creating strong bonds with mortgage banks, investors, and clients. They also make sure to pay back their supporting staff, so they stay with them. The values make it possible to retain a loyal customer base.

The Bottom Line

Morry Rubin is the CEO of Anchor Funding Service. They are the most successful mortgage business in Southern California. Morry Rubin Net Worth is around $12,160,000,000. Most of his wealth comes from Anchor Funding. He also has some shares in the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia76ers. Morry is also a minority stakeholder in Crystal Palace FC. He makes money by producing music albums as well. Morry has produced several movies in the past and is the co-head of Columbia Records now.

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Morry Rubin’s Net Worth

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