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5 Things to Follow for Writing Visual Poetry

Writing Visual Poetry

Have you ever thought of writing poetry in your imagination? If you are new to this imaginary world, then you might think to write concrete poems. It is a form of literacy or verse written on a blank paper. It has its intentional style that can add definite meaning to the poem. The intentional form may take an original shape and may use the life of a dying poet pattern to create a rhythm.

These kinds of rhythms and shapes are ties under a central idea within the poem. It can reinforce your imaginary concepts and thoughts. It is vital for you to understand how you can write visual poetry. Poetry itself is a kind of art, but by playing with words and sentences, you can add a great look in your poetry.

You have to pay attention to the writing types and words that you are using in writing a poem just like blog writing in SEO. You have to create a real image that connects everyone with your imaginary storyline poem. Here we mention some tips that will help you to engagingly write visual poetry.

Simple Steps to Follow While Writing Concrete or Visual Poetry

Nowadays, visual poetry is also known as inter media. It represents a great mixture of human activities, like painting and poetry. The visual or concrete poetry destroys the borders between texts and arts. Hence the primary thing to notice about visual poetry, not the poem text but literacy work full of visual art.

Focus on the Purpose of Your Writing

Visual poetry is also known as a shape poetry that was created by combining poetry and images. The importance of text, along with languages, emphasizes the shape of words and type of arts. It is essential for you to know about the purpose of your writing.

Write and Shape Your Words

It is a good idea to firstly write and then shape up your words. There is no specific rule to follow when it comes to writing visual poems. You are free to present your ideas in the form of words and imaginary thoughts on your blank paper. Let your imagination and creativity run and create an engaging story.

Always remember one thing that does not use many words. As if you use more words, you probably have to create a more prominent shape of your poem, which is tough. After putting your imaginary words on the paper, you want to create the perfect shape of your poem. If somebody is looking at your poem, then they should feel curious about knowing the whole story. You can pick any shape of your poem.

You can choose simple writing shapes if you are writing the visual poetry of the life of a dying poet. First of all, think about what kind of story your poem will elaborate on and then match the shape according to your poetry theme. For instance, if you prefer to write a love poem, you want a poem in a heart shape.

Draw Some Artwork

You don’t have to learn about drawing or to be a great artist if you need to make your visual poem look incredible. You have to outline the shape that you picked according to your theme. You can outline any shape on paper or any other computer program like Photoshop or Paint if you have designing experience.

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Add Attention-Grabbing Words and Visuals

Remember that the poem’s words are as important as the shape you make according to your poem theme. It is a great idea to add bold, italic, and some colors in your words. You can add a 3D look texture to create an artistic look. After that, paste the poem words onto the shape outline. It should be easy to read.

You can create your poetic picture by using unique visuals. There are lots of ways of adding visuals to your poetry. Some graphic elements can also be used in your visual poem to make it look creative. You need to focus on several things like word positions, line length, capitalization, and punctuation. These things are necessary to manage while writing visual poetry.

Built-Up a Great Scene and make Powerful Poetry

Do not only rely on poetry shape or their wording. You have to make a whole scene. It’s time to go crazy and write a whole bunch of poems with different lengths and shapes. Create a sharp image that tells the storyline to your viewers, and in this way, they will enjoy reading your whole poem. You can make a book picture by using your imaginary poetry.

The possibilities to make your poetry rich are endless. You have to make sure that poetry contains powerful words that carry a bunch of feelings. Through this way, you can create compelling visual poetry that will cherish everyone’s heart.

5 Things to Follow for Writing Visual Poetry
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