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The Types of Car Insurance: An Informative Guide

The Types of Car Insurance An Informative Guide

Do you have the best auto insurance?

According to a survey, since 2011, car insurance prices in the US have skyrocketed to a whopping 29.6% nationally. If you own a car and drive daily, having reliable and adequate car insurance is essential. Driving without insurance means you have no legal recourse in case of an accident, and your assets are vulnerable.

When purchasing insurance, you need to understand the types of car insurance and the differences between the options. If you have little knowledge about which one suits you best, you came to the right place. This article is here to help you.

Keep reading to learn more before buying car insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance

This type of insurance covers damage to your car that is not caused by an accident, such as theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. If you have a loan on your car, your lender will probably require you to have comprehensive insurance. If you don’t have a loan, it may be a good idea to have this type of insurance to protect your investment.

If you don’t have enough knowledge, you may do your own research on the internet. To enrich your understanding, check out more info here about this insurance.

Third-Party Insurance

This insurance coverage is to protect you if you are in an accident with another driver with no insurance. It can also provide coverage for the other driver involved. Third-party insurance can help cover the cost of damages to your car and any medical expenses you incur during the accident.

Collision Insurance

Insurance like this covers damage to your vehicle in the event of a collision with another object. This could include another car, a tree, a guardrail, or just about anything else. They usually sell it with a deductible, which is the amount you would pay out of pocket before your insurance coverage would kick in.

Personal Injury Insurance

It covers the medical expenses and lost wages that can occur after an accident. It is important to have this type of insurance in case you are in an accident so that you can be financially secure.

This is not required by law, but it can be a wise investment, especially if you have a high deductible on your other insurance policies.


Gap Insurance

This is to protect you if your car is totaled in an accident and you owe more on the loan than the car is worth.

If you do not have gap insurance and your car is totaled, you will pay for the difference between the loan balance and the insurance payout. It may also be a good idea if you are leasing your car, as you will probably be responsible for any unpaid lease balance if the car crashes.

Understand these Types of Car Insurance

These types of car insurance you need will depend on several factors. Damages not caused by accident need comprehensive insurance. If you’re involved with a driver not insured, you must have third-party insurance.

If it is a collision with another object, collision insurance is important. For medical expenses and lost wages, you must have personal injury insurance. If your car crashes, gap insurance is a must.

The Types of Car Insurance: An Informative Guide

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