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5 Ways to Know if Your Android Phone is Being Tracked


Well, everyone wants to keep the data secure from intruders. As we know, every year comes with the new tech trends, and that’s why everyone should stay in touch with updated technology. “The first spyware was used in October 1995.” After so many transformations, technology has given us user-friendly & android spy apps, which can gather and send data to the end-user. We will share some 5 important ways to detect if someone is snooping on your phone.

A smartphone is the only thing that is irreplaceable these days. We do most of the work online and even spend our free time using our mobile phones. More than half of the mobile users are active on the Android OS. The android operating system is easy to use and provides a user-friendly layout. This is the reason android phones are most common these days. Everything is accessible online, including shopping, online booking, media alerts, channels, etc.

High Data Usage

Using a lot of spy apps right now? Well, this is also a reason for high data bills. But if you are not using your android phone that much, then you should take notice that what is the reason behind the high data bills. There is another possibility that someone is spying on you because third-party apps send the data to the end-user by using internet data.

The Decrease in Your Phone Battery

Have you checked your mobile’s battery condition? Well, you should check it often. But if the battery is in the good condition and you notice a sudden drop in your mobile battery, then it’s a wake-up call. When a person installs spyware on an android phone, then it consumes battery even when you are not using your phone. This is also a sign which shows that you need to take action immediately to remove the spy app from your android device.

When Your Phone Gets Warm for No Reason

Have you ever noticed that mobile often gets warm when you play games continuously? Yes, some other reasons can also warm your android device, but if you are not using your device and still notice that your device is hot, then it’s alarming.

On & Off

If your device turns on and off itself, then you should check your installed apps to find out any dubious app on your phone. This is also a sign that someone is trying to gather the data which turns your device on and off.

Unwanted Apps on Your Android Phone

If you see any strange spy app on your mobile phone, then you must take notice who installs the app on your phone. It might be possible that your family member installed it, but if they didn’t, then wakeup. Why? Because someone is spying on you.


How to Prevent Your Device from the Spyware?

Well, using an android phone shows that your device is vulnerable to spyware and hackers, etc. But you can protect your phone by following some important tips.

  • Use a strong password on your android phone.
  • Do not let anyone touch your phone without your permission.
  • Install a security app on your device.
  • Jailbreak & rooting is a open door for spying
  • Never install an unverified app

It is a nightmare when you think that someone is stealing your mobile data, but you can stop any such activity by following the above effective tips.

5 Ways to Know if Your Android Phone is Being Tracked
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