How to Choose the Best Disability Lawyer?


It can be pretty overwhelming if you find yourself in an unfortunate scenario where you have to file for a disability claim. Choosing the right lawyer who has dealt with disability claims and knows what it entails is crucial to your case. It is suggested to find disability lawyers that can get you the respect and compensation you deserve in a short time.

If you are incapable of functioning due to certain medical, mental, or physical conditions, you are eligible to file a disability claim. The paperwork for either scenario is extremely extensive and daunting. You can proceed with the paperwork, but statistics state people having experts on their side have better chances of getting the benefits in a much shorter frame of time. Besides, you can skip the stress of paperwork and documentation and follow up with the authorities to ensure the case is on track.

How to Find a Disability Lawyer who has a High Success Ratio?

Once you have decided to consult an expert to move ahead with your disability claim, the next step is to find disability lawyers who are highly efficient and experienced in the niche. You need not worry about the financial component as the social security administration regulates the fees. Hire a specialist attorney with a record of devoting most of his practice toward disability claims. Since many non-attorney representatives claim to be experts, ensure you hire an actual attorney.

Disability claims come under federal administration. Therefore, you can hire an attorney from any part of the country. However, hiring an attorney from your area shall add convenience and fasten the procedure. Most importantly, they will have experience with the local authority and know the nuts and bolts of the system far too well.


Your attorney should be reachable during working hours so that you can proactively discuss any requirements or clear any doubt that bothers you. Lastly, hire a lawyer earlier before you file the claim. There are many cases under which legitimate claims are either still awaiting a decision or have been denied benefits based on lack of documentation. An attorney will guide you well through the paperwork. He is bound to have good relationships with the medical staff and court administration and is more likely to strengthen your case the earlier they are involved.

Essential Questions your Need to Ask your Disability Lawyer

Honest Assessment

Ask the attorney to review your case and provide an unbiased assessment based on available paperwork and documentation. You can discuss the strength and weak points of your case and plan a strategy to improve your chances of winning.

Success Ratio

Enquire about the number of claims approved by your attorney. Know in-depth about how many of them are complete and partial. These numbers shall help you assess the potential of your lawyer.

Case Management

The firm should have a contact person who can walk you through all your doubts and help you with paperwork as and when needed.

Credentials & References

Look for testimonials or references from common friends and family, as that can help you know your representative better. Ask if he knows administrative law judges, as each has a unique approach toward cases. A reasonable attorney shall know to work his way around it. These steps can help you find a reliable and compatible attorney for your case. Since it costs nothing until you win, it’s best to hire an experienced attorney and let him do his job while you focus on your health and well-being.

How to Choose the Best Disability Lawyer?
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