Why do you need a moisture balance analyzer?

In our surroundings, we often come in contact with many kinds of living and non-living substances that contain a certain amount of wet weight and dry weight, including our body which is made with 60%-70% of liquid and the rest 30-40 % is solid. This balance of solid-liquid and gaseous matter in a substance is very important, as large industries of food, pharmaceutical, agriculture, textile, and fashion depend on this. Moisture analyzer or moisture balance calculates the total amount of moisture present in the substance by the simple method of loss on drying (LOD).

Features of moisture analyzer

  • Safe and user-friendly operation: Modern-day moisture analyzer provides a large touch screen, where we can enter all the instruction and the result is shown in every step.
  • Robust and compact design: Moisture analyzers are made of robust and hardy material so it can be used roughly in the factories for a long time. The compact design also makes it a great space-saving machine to work with.
  • Quick access to the result: With the new modified smart system hundreds of results can be stored at once. The short cut option helps to access the result quickly and easily.

Why do we use a moisture analyzer

Moisture analyzers have become a significant part of many small to large scale industries. We cannot imagine large food chains in agriculture without this piece of equipment. It helps virtually in controlling the quality of almost every product. Inaccurate moisture balance affects the shelf life of food, chemical reaction, flowing capability, even the final products’ usefulness, and marketing depends on this point.

Key points

  • It is a programmable quality control device
  • It assures accurate analysis of balanced moisture
  • Used in various sector from food to pharmaceuticals
  • Moisture analyzer assures the performance of bulk dryer
  • Increases the shelf life of the products
  • Testing procedure is programmed and change in weight is recorded continually during the heating process.

How does a moisture analyzer works

 Every moisture analyser has a heating unit which is a halogen bulb, a weighting unit where the sample is measured and heated. Modern day moisture analysers are easy to programme or operate, it is provided with large screen where we can simply select the predefined method and follow further instruction on the screen. The device will display the wet weight and dry weight of the sample, after the sample is heated the moisture loss will recorded continuously till the balance of the moisture is perfect. After the perfect analysis is met the machine will automatically stop the heating process of the sample and the final measure of the wet weight and dry weight will in displayed on the screen. At least 100 such result can be stored and we can find it any time required.

Safety measures before using a moisture analyzer

We can always find an easy to use, economical and convenient machinery as there is many choices available in the market. But before using this device there is some safety measures that the user should keep in mind.

  • For the best result we have to choose location for the device. The best way to put the analyzer is in a cool dry corner where enough air circulation available. We shouldn’t put it in contact with direct sunlight or area of any extreme temperature.
  • It should be placed in a label and flat area so that the analyser could work optimally.
  • To avoid any kind of inflammation the top of the unit should be kept empty.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that the device can turn extremely hot while using, so we have to make sure to let the machine cool down completely before using it again.
  • If the analyzer have any problem functioning it is best to get it repaired by a customer service , we should never try to disassemble the device as it could be extremely dangerous procedure without any professional experience
  • Finally, we should always read the manual thoroughly; the pros and cons of the device should be known to us.

How to choose the best moisture analyzer As there are multiple companies available in the market now it gets a bit difficult to understand which one to buy from. There are some simple points we should keep in mind while buying a moisture analyzer that it should be durable, standard warranty period, automatic inbuilt safety option, compatibility, economical and easy maintenance. Another point to keep in mind while choosing a moisture analyzer is to choose a company that offers quick and easy to reach servicing of the purchased product.

Why do you need a moisture balance analyzer?
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